2011 Sikkim Earthquake – Himalayan earthquake

2011 Sikkim Earthquake – Himalayan earthquake

The 2011 Sikkim earthquake also known as the 2011 Himalayan earthquake, was a magnitude 6.9 (Mw) , Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, near the border of Nepal and the Indian state of Sikkim At 18:10 IST (12:40 UTC) on Sunday, 18 September. The quake came just a few days after an earthquake of 4.2 magnitude hit Haryana’s Sonipat district, sending tremors in New Delhi.

“Continental Indian and Eurasian Plates” Converge with one another – Strike-slip Faulting

Three aftershocks since the earthquake, occurring at magnitudes of 5.7, 5.1, and 4.6 (Mw) within 30 minutes of the initial earthquake. Kathmandu experienced two aftershocks that both had a magnitude of 4.8 Mw.

Repair, Restoration And Strengthening Of Buildings

  • Strengthening of existing buildings.
  • Increasing the lateral strength in one or both directions, by reinforcement or by increasing wall areas or the number of walls and columns.
  • Giving unity to the structure
  • Avoiding the possibility of brittle modes of failure by proper reinforcement and connection of resisting members.


The main purpose of repairs is to bring back the architectural shape of the building so that all services start working and the functioning of building is resumed quickly.

Repair does not pretend to improve the structural strength of the building and can be very deceptive for meeting the strength requirements of the next earthquake.

Strengthening of Existing Masonry
Strengthening of Existing Masonry
  • Shotcrete
  • Epoxy resins
  • Epoxy mortar
  • Gypsum cement mortar
  • Quick-setting cement mortar

Techniques To Restore Original Strength

  • Strengthening existing walls
  • External binding
  • Strengthening RC members
  • Strengthening of foundations

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