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Technology for Disaster Resistant Shelters and Post-Disaster Shelters

Appropriate Technology for Disaster Resistant and Post-Disaster Shelters The greatest costs of rebuilding after the disasters goes to the infrastructure and human shelter.The need is ever more urgent to build self-help, emergency shelters which can become sustainable, permanent structures and are more resistant to more disasters. Eco-Shell An EcoShell is a concrete, thin-shell dome whose… Read More »

ACI Method

ACI METHOD OF MIX DESIGN – Absolute volume method —   — Introduction ——In 1991,the American Concrete Institute(ACI) published guidaelines for normal, heavyweight and mass concrete mix design. —The absolute volume method of mix design as described by ACI committee 211 is presented. It has the advantages of simplicity that it: Applies equally well with… Read More »

Biological Processes for wastewater treatment

Biological Processes for wastewater treatment OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION An overview of biological wastewater treatment. Important aspects in microbial metabolism. Principal organisms responsible for wastewater treatment. key factors governing biological growth and waste  treatment kinetics. BIOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES OF WASTE WATER TREATMENT Biological TP: a method of contact between microbes and substrate. Suitable temperature, pH, nutrients etc.… Read More »

Road Aggregates

Road Aggregates Man has used sand and stone for foundations for thousands of years. Significant refinement of the production and use of aggregate occurred during the Roman Empire, which used aggregate to build its vast network of roads and aqueducts. Aggregates forms the major part of pavement structure All bituminous and concrete surfacing are principally… Read More »

Recycle Of Waste Water and Waste Management

Recycle Of Waste Water and Waste Management Why waste recycling Prevents emissions of greenhouse gasses & water pollutants Minimization of pollution Volume reduction Sanitation of waste (composting) Stabilization of biodegradable compounds Supplies valuable raw materials to industry Stimulates development of greener technologies and Reduce the need for new land fills and incinerators. Value addition to… Read More »

Biochemical Oxygen Demand And Chemical Oxygen Demand

Biochemical Oxygen Demand And Chemical Oxygen Demand OXYGEN DEMAND required for oxidation of inorganic and organic matter. essential for the livelihood of micro organisms. can be measured by BOD – Biochemical oxygen demand  COD – Chemical oxygen demand Biochemical Oxygen Demand Introduction measures the quantity of oxygen consumed by microorganisms during the decomposition of organic… Read More »

Affordable Housing Project

Affordable Housing Project -NARSINGHPURA ,JAIPUR Objective To reduce the housing shortage in the State, especially in EWS/LIG categories. To bring down the cost of EWS & LIG categories of houses to affordable limits. To take up large scale construction of Affordable Housing (with focus on EWS & LIG housing.) To involve Private developers in the… Read More »

Septic Tank and Soak Pit

Septic Tank And Soak Pit Why Do We need A Sewer System Each time we flush the toilet or wash so that down the sink’s drain,we create sewage (also known in polite society as wastewater). One question that many people might ask is, “Why not simply dump this waste-water onto the ground outside the house,… Read More »