How to Improve Skills in Essay Writing

How to Improve Skills in Essay Writing

Do you always get negative feedback from the teacher? It might be a great shame among your brilliant friends with A+. You can also qualify for this grade by taking into consideration your weak points in writing. Here are a few useful tips on how to improve essay writing quickly. Review Basic Grammar Grammatical correction … Read more


Participate in Practical Learning Activities

If you are among ones who took the plunge by enrolling themselves for engineering, you may have to learn how to swim in the deepest of the waters. If that too seems too difficult for you and you repeatedly wonder “can I pay someone to do my math“, there are various services that can help you … Read more

The Best Tips on How to Make an Ideal Resume to Land Your Dream Job

Make an Ideal Resume

Students and professionals struggle to create a perfect resume. Individuals do not have sufficient knowledge about grabbing the attention of the recruiter. Here are some tips from Resume That Works that will help you to make an ideal resume: Choose the Right Resume Format How to make a resume for a job? The CV format … Read more

Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil (SBC) | Ultimate Bearing Capacity | SBC Values | Testing


Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil (SBC) The relationship between structure and the soil is as old as humans. How often have we wondered about the fact that the soil and the foundation are made up of entirely different constituents, yet create wonders together? The integrity of any structure is limited to the capacity of the … Read more

Blockchain in Civil Engineering | Trading Cryptocurrencies for Civil Engineers

Using ‘as built’ BIM model by smart contracts

Civil Engineers & Cryptocurrencies Due to the very own nature of the construction industry, Civil Engineers usually fallback in adopting and experimenting new technologies due to ignorance and lack of guidance compared to our colleagues from the Software industry. Blockchains, Cryptocurrency investment and trading are few such technologies at least few of us haven’t put … Read more

Biofuel & Plastic Waste Management | Production of Bio-Fuel | PPT

Synthetic bio fuel produced in Laboratory

Importance of Plastic Waste Management Plastic is one of the most successful manufacturing materials in post-world war era. It’s due to its high specific-strength, toughness, chemical inertness and cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, global production of plastic material has increased more than 200-fold from 1950 to 2020. Today over 100 million tonnes of plastic is … Read more