The Best Urban Planning Software for Beginners in 2022

Do you live in a smart city? Have you seen awesome cities and wondered how they were created? Well, we have the answer for you: the best urban planning software. As a new student or self-taught urban designer, having the right software opens your world of possibilities. Nothing is impossible.  The best urban design software … Read more

How Engineers Are Saving Lives

20 Applications Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering & Construction

It’s common knowledge that engineers have significant contributions to society in solving common problems, optimizing processes, creating algorithms, developing software, building infrastructure, and many more. But aside from making our lives easier by optimizing everything to make things easier, more effective, and more efficient, many people don’t know that engineers can also save many lives … Read more

The Science of Roller Coasters

20 Applications Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering & Construction

How Do Roller Coasters Work? Going on roller coasters is one of the most popular adrenaline-fueled activities out there. People travel worldwide to visit the biggest and fastest roller coasters, looking for that thrill we know they all bring.  How do roller coasters work? How do they produce the speed? The best roller coasters have … Read more