Construction Fire Safety – How to Protect Your Construction Equipment

Automated Fire Suppression Systems

Safety should always be a top priority at construction sites. You have several safety codes, ANSI standards and OSHA regulations that you live by daily. But how much thought have you given to protecting your construction equipment from fire? Sadly, that issue is often neglected until disaster strikes. When that happens, you not only suffer … Read more

In-situ Soil testing Methods | Applications

Standard penetration test

In-situ Soil testing  In-situ soil testing is necessary to obtain the soil property information, to measure groundwater pressure, to gather the moisture content and other important data points. In-situ soil testing can be accomplished in a variety of different ways. Every soil test has its own place and benefit. Following are the in-situ tests which … Read more

7 Tips to Be Successful in Your Civil Engineering Career

construction expert witness

Seven great tips that you can utilize as you pursue your dreams of becoming a great civil engineer despite the numerous challenges that you are likely to encounter in your journey to success. Scholars pursuing engineering courses such as civil engineering are often required to deal with various forms of challenges. Civil Engineering Career courses … Read more

Determinate and Indeterminate structures

Determinate and Indeterminate structures A structure is an arrangement of a number of components like slabs, beams, columns, walls, foundations and many others, which are in equilibrium. For this structure to exist, it has to satisfy the fundamental criteria of strength, stiffness, economy, durability and compatibility. It is generally classified into two categories for analysis, … Read more