Maintenance & Commercial Roof Cleaning and Its Benefits 

Commercial Roof Cleaning

Owning a commercial building has its share of responsibilities. One responsibility that people often neglect is commercial roof cleaning. As a commercial building owner, you can always delegate this responsibility to an expert. It will help you manage your time better and help ensure that you do the roof cleaning properly. Experts suggest installing roof … Read more

Types of Soil – Sand, Silt, Clay & Loam | Properties & Applications

Types of Soil – Sand, Silt, Clay & Loam

The organic and inorganic components of the earth’s surface that provide the environment for plant growth are referred to as soil. There are various types of soils on earth. It steadily develops through time, is composed of several diverse materials, and varies as a result of these factors. The breaking down of rocks into their … Read more

Mat Foundation & Raft Foundation Advantages, Applications, Types, Construction Process and Design Methodology

Mat foundation

Mat Foundation A mat foundation, also known as a raft foundation, is a type of shallow combined foundation which uses a large reinforced concrete slab-on-grade that transfers the entire weight of the structure to the subgrade. It works by dispersing load over much larger area on the ground when compared to discrete shallow isolated foundations. … Read more

Biological Stabilization of Soil & 6 Methods of Biological Soil Stabilization

Biological Stabilization of Soil & 6 Methods of Biological Soil Stabilization

Biological stabilization of soil simply refers to the stabilization of soil is achieved through biological means like planting or afforestation or more complex biological processes. The term “soil stabilization” refers to the process of increasing the stability and bearing capacity of the soil using proportion, controlled compaction, and/or the addition of suitable admixtures or stabilizers. … Read more

How to Arrange for Pump Repairs


Pumps can be a vital part of many properties and businesses, providing a range of useful functions for dealing with all kinds of industrial and commercial needs. However, this also means that they need to be maintained well – a single broken pump could be a significant roadblock. Getting a pump fixed is not hard, … Read more