4 Things You Need To Do Before Buying An Access Platform

Having an access platform is a great way to boost your business. With one, you could easily improve everyone’s work efficiency and safety. Choosing the right one for your business need is important because it will bring so much more value to your money. Access platforms aren’t as affordable as other business tools so you should always purchase intelligently.

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With an access platform, you can easily secure everyone’s safety when working at hard to reach and elevated places. As they are versatile, they can work and become very useful in any kind of industry. May you be utilities, construction, landscaping, or maintenance service, an access platform will always be handy.

The Top Benefits of Buying an Access Platform

There are numerous benefits of having access platforms around but the following are the most essential and important ones:

1. Everyone will be able to work at a faster speed because lifting people and equipment to elevated and hard to reach places will be significantly easier.

2. Everyone’s productivity level will increase because working at elevated places will be more efficient and seamless.

3. You will no longer spend on rental costs.

4. You will no longer need traditional methods that are time-consuming like scaffolding or ladders.

5. It is easy to sell your pre-owned access equipment because people are always looking for it.

The 4 Things That You Must Do Before Buying An Access Platform

To get the most out of your money, it will be important for you to do the following things before purchasing an access platform.

#1 Finalize Your Budget

To avoid overspending, you need to be clear with your budget. Access platforms are pretty expensive so you need to be sure about the amount that you’re playing with in order to ensure a good return on investment. You need to have your budget set, even before purchasing. In dedicating a budget for the purchase of an access platform, you need to consider the growth and increasing capacity of your business. In knowing just how much budget to dedicate for the purchase of an access platform, you would need to take note of the following extra expenses:

  • Insurance
  • Storage
  • Maintenance

If you’re running on a limited budget, you can try looking for suppliers that allow customers to pay on installment on a given time period. You can also check out lending services that can offer help even on leases and contact hiring.

#2 Choose The Right Machine

You need to do proper research before picking the access platform to purchase. You need to ensure that the model you’d pick would be best suited for your daily business operation. You also need to secure that it will bring a solid return on investment.

In choosing the right access platform for your business needs, consider the following factors:

1. Height reach – how elevated are the places and spaces you work on?

2. Weight capacity – how heavy are the equipment and tools that you need to lift to elevated grounds?

3. Mobility – do you have ready transportation machines when going to and fro jobs?

#3 Prioritize Safety

The law legally requires all access platform owners to do regular maintenance and servicing after every six months. Such a protocol is placed to ensure everyone’s safety, wellness, and health.

When looking for an access platform, make it point to deal with only legitimate and trusted providers. Ask around and make it a point to deal with only reputable suppliers.

When buying any access equipment, always ask for its service history record. Reputable suppliers always have one easily available for interested buyers.

A complete service history record will easily verify and certify the level of quality and safety of any access equipment. When checking the record, ensure that maintenance and service were done by certified engineers and qualified inspectors.

#4 Be Aware of Relevant Laws

Powered access platforms are strictly regulated by clear laws that enlist every single safety protocols that must be in place. Such is the case because the law strongly wants to avoid the occurrence of accidents, machine failures, fatal falls, and deaths.

You need to know that your purchased platform can only be operated by an operator or operators that have received full training not just in usage but in inspecting. Operators undergo intense training that allows them to easily determine spot hazards and warning signs of machine failure. They also receive thorough training in rescue operations.

Such legal requirements go hand in hand with a legally mandated regular maintenance and servicing of access equipment.

It is best to contact expert lawyers that can enlist all the required legal provisions that you need to comply it upon purchasing an access platform. There are numerous safety protocols that you need to follow and comply with to secure responsible ownership that is not violative of the law. Violation of any protocols can be ground for fines, penalties, and even imprisonment.

Construction - Source unknown
Construction – Source unknown

Be a Smart Buyer

At the end of the day, it truly does not matter if you’re going to buy a brand-new or pre-owned access platform. Regardless of its newness, you just simply need to secure that it came from a reputable supplier. Do extensive research on access platform models and reputable suppliers in your area.

It will save you much time if you’d also openly discuss your business needs with reputable suppliers that can easily suggest the best access equipment that will fit your needs and your budget. Reputable suppliers prioritize safety protocols so do make sure to only deal with trusted ones.