8 Tips to Save Money on a Bathroom Refurbishment

Tips to Save Money on a Bathroom Refurbishment

Are you planning to refurbish your bathroom? Exciting, isn’t it? To look at all those state-of-the-art bathroom fittings that have been new in the market since you did your bathroom last? Sadly, most of that excitement drains away when you look at the price tags, and your contractor gives you a rough quote for the work.

If you want to reduce the cost of a new modern bathroom, you need some effective tips. That is exactly what we have here for you!

Cut Back On Refurbishment Costs

Why should you compromise on your designs or the idea of refurbishment itself, just because the quotation seems to be a little high? Here are 8 tips to help you get a new bathroom without losing all your money.

Retain Size

Retain the existing size of your bathroom as much as possible. Unless you have decided to remodel your bathroom to make it bigger or smaller to increase space in your room, do not change the size. Re-sizing the bathroom can become very expensive.

Retain Layout

Retain the existing plumbing layout for the bathroom. Changing the water pipelines, drain lines, windows will cost a lot of money. It is not just the pipes that move within the bathroom; it will affect the piping for the rest of the house. Not to forget the repairs to the floors and the walls to accommodate all these pipeline changes.

Retain Load-Bearing Walls

Any structure will have load-bearing walls. These are the walls that bear the main weight for the next floor. They are not to be tampered with unless there is an issue with the wall itself or remodeling the entire house/wing.

Removing or remodeling the load-bearing wall is a major structural change to the entire house and can be expensive.

Save Fixtures If Possible

Not all plumbing fixtures spoil in the bathroom. Some might be in very good shape and just require a refinish or a touch-up. If you have invested in a certain style of fittings for the entire bathroom, you must have done so by searching high and low for them.

You can repaint your cabinets, touch up the towel rod, and deep clean the window frames instead of replacing them completely.

Go For Pre-Fabricated Bathtubs/ Shower Stalls

When you refurbish or replace your shower or tub, it involves a lot of work. You will have to tear down the old shower stall or tub and redo the flooring. When you replace the tiles, you might have to redo the entire flooring if you don’t find tiles matching the rest of the bathroom.

To avoid this expense, opt for a pre-fabricated shower stall or bathtub. This way, you will have only to install it. Though tiles can be cheaper than the entire pre-fabricated structure, expensive labor and time are involved.

Retain Electrical Lines

You can change the electrical fittings. A new light or a different shade can change the look of the entire bathroom. However, if you change the position of these electrical fittings, you will have to spend on some serious electrical work. Not to forget, you need to get approval for your electrical plans from the concerned authorities.


Opt to go the DIY route wherever possible. Labour accounts for a majority of the refurbishment costs in many household projects. You can do simple tasks like repainting the walls’ cabinet, removing rust from fittings, changing the panel around the window or mirror. Leave the major fitting-related issues to the experts.

Use Remnants

If you are refurbishing other parts of the house, you can effectively use the leftover pieces. If you have a good piece of granite left over from relaying the floor, use it for your countertop; in case you have paints, mix them to come up with a unique customized shade of your own.


Refurbishing your bathroom need not be an expensive affair. It does take a bit of money, but it can always be kept under control with a few effective tips and tricks. You can still have a new modern bathroom without taking out a loan for the same.