Concrete Sealing: Ultimate Guide to Longevity and Aesthetics

Surface Preparation for concrete sealing

Concrete, the essential foundation of construction, possesses both strength and durability, but it necessitates diligent maintenance to preserve its integrity over time. The key to ensuring its longevity lies in the proper application of sealing techniques. This article will comprehensively delve into the realm of concrete sealing, uncovering the art and science behind safeguarding your … Read more

Top Tips For Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency This Winter

Skirting Board Installation

In the modern era, everyone is looking for ways to make their home energy efficient. It’s vital as the cooling and heating systems consume the highest amount of energy, accounting for approximately half the total energy expenditure in your home. And during the freezing winter season, you’ve got no choice as a homeowner but to … Read more

River Bank Erosion | Causes | River Bank Erosion Control Methods in Detail

River Bank Erosion Rivers are dynamic structures. They change their flow patterns continuously and naturally. These changes affect river bank soil stabilization because river bank absorbs the energy. River bank erosion is a part of this changing nature. When banks of a river wear away by watercourse, it is called river bank erosion. Mostly river … Read more

Use of Artificial Intelligence & Sensors in Construction industry | Application | Benefits

On site design optimization (Source Wiprovideos)

Sensors in Construction industry As we are aware that construction is one of the most under-digitized industries in the world and is comparatively slow in adopting new technologies, it can be a little daunting. Use of Sensors in Construction industry and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping make job at construction sites more effective and efficient. … Read more

Use of Synthetic Fibres in Concrete Flooring and Plastering |Advantages

Synthetic Fibres

Advantages & Benefits of Synthetic Fibres in Concrete Flooring & Plastering Applications Use fibres in concrete or concreting materials as an additive, dates back to Romans & Egyptians period. Romans included bits of horse hair in the construction of Roman Colosseum which was built in 80BC and the Egyptians used straw in their bricks for … Read more

Freeze Thaw Damage of Concrete – Effects & Preventive Measures

Damage of Bridge due to Freeze Thaw Cycles

Freeze Thaw Damage of Concrete – Effects & Preventive Measures “damage to concrete caused by extreme temperature variations as noted by random pattern cracking.” A severe exposure condition on portland cement concrete structures is exposure to cycles of freezing and thawing. Air entrainment is used to enhance the freeze-thaw resistance of portland cement concrete exposed … Read more

Green Building Innovation Seminar PPT

Green Building

A Look Ahead on Green Building Innovation ( Seminar PPT) Industrialization has been coupled with increasing harmful effects to the environment in the past. Call for changes were extended, beginning from set-up protests up to constitutional enactments. Several bodies agree to it, and one of them was the construction industry where practices have shifted to … Read more

Pavement Design in Road Construction – Design Parameters

Pavement Design

Pavement Design in Road Construction BY Kiran Biradar Introduction Pavement design is the major component in the road construction. Nearly one-third or one-half of the total cost of construction , so careful consideration should be taken in design of pavement. Type of pavements: Flexible pavement Rigid pavement Semi-rigid pavement Factors which affect the selection of … Read more

Bituminous Road Deterioration

Road Deterioration

Bituminous Road Deterioration Base Types Granular Base Asphalt Base Asphalt Pavement Base Stabilized Base Surface Types and Materials Asphalt Concrete Hot Rolled Modified Asphalt Rubberized Asphalt Polymer Asphalt Concrete Soft Bitumen Mix (Cold Mix) Porous Asphalt Stone Mastic Distress Modes Surfacing Distress Cracking Ravelling Potholing Edge-Break Deformation Distress Rutting Roughness Pavement Surface Texture Distress Texture … Read more