A Guide to Planning and Surviving from Stress Renovations

Renovation projects are generally a large undertaking that requires complex decisions such as choosing new color palettes, themes, furniture, wall access doors and panels, ceiling material, and hiring the right people. 

However, renovation does not always have to be stressful. To achieve a stress-free renovation project, you have to thoroughly plan every stage to avoid any mistakes that can mess up the project flow and cost you even more. Follow the steps we listed below! 

Planning and Surviving from Stress Renovations
Planning and Surviving from Stress Renovations

Gather Project Tips from Different Sources

Before starting the renovation project, ensure that you have enough knowledge up in your sleeves. Do your research by talking to different commercial buildings or homeowner friends and family.

You’re guaranteed to collect many tips that will come in handy during the renovation. These tips and information can significantly affect your renovation and end product. Knowing what works and doesn’t pay off is always an advantage.

Plan Your Target Budget

One of the initial tasks to do before you start tearing down walls is to develop a reasonable budgeting plan. Check the internet for material prices, ask for quotes from contractors and other manufacturing companies, and identify whether you need to pay for permits.

Also, remember the cost of hotels around the area if you need to get away from the intolerable noise. Once you come up with a reasonable budget, add 10% for emergencies, and you’re ready to start.

After setting the budget, stick to its range for as long as possible. You can get carried away with projects such as renovations and blow your entire life savings, so it’s always better to reduce this instance.

Create a Timetable

If the renovation is part of your preparation for a grand re-opening or welcoming party, it would be best to prepare. Set the deadline and allow a few days or a week for unexpected issues to ensure the project’s success.


If you want to make your commercial building’s renovation project smooth and direct, try to declutter your establishment before your contractors arrive at the site. Pay attention to the renovation area and look for any minor changes you want to make.

You can remove furniture, equipment, and decoration to prevent damage and prepare the space for renovation. Renting a storage space during the renovation project is also a smart move to store different items in the meantime. Hire a truck and transfer your belongings to a safe place but remember that this will also affect your total project cost.

Planning and Surviving from Stress Renovations
Plan Your Target Budget – Planning and Surviving from Stress Renovations

Get Permits

One of the things that you need to secure before starting the project is to acquire the essential permits. Although the process is long and quite expensive, ensuring that your property is up to code is necessary.

Access is also important if you plan to sell your commercial building. Remember that no buyer will want an establishment full of uninspected improvements! Therefore, it’s always more profitable to do everything according to code.

Protect Your Occupants

A renovation site can be dangerous for anyone who is inside. Falling debris, toxic gases, and dust can harm occupant safety and health. To prevent this, ensure that your team installs safety gates, secures power tools away, and wears proper safety gear when they enter the worksite. Notify your occupants about the renovation timetable to know when it is safe to go back inside. 

Final Thoughts

Relieve yourself of unnecessary stress during renovation by following these expert tips. Also, ensure that you have constant communication with your contractor to prevent misunderstandings and mistakes during the project.