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With more and more engineers moving to Mobile platforms like WhatsApp, these groups have become meeting point of Civil Engineers around the world to share there experience and knowledge. Enter the details below to join a group.

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    Group Conditions

    Following guidelines should be strictly adhered to. Any violation will lead to expulsion without any warning.


    • Share news/articles/ images relevant to Group subject only;
    • All shared content shall be in English only;
    • Use Personal Messages (PM) to reply specific queries.
    • Maximum number of shared content per hour is restricted to one/hour to avoid content overflow.
    • Shared content should be strictly technical;
    • Respect every group member, be professional, kind and polite while giving responses.


    • Do not post photos/videos without any intro/messages;
    • Do not promote your websites, blogs, communities, pages, collections and other network profiles;
    • Do not post religious greeting messages, jokes, general news, personal information, photos or selfies;
    • This community is for discussion and not for self-promotion of any kind. Civil Engineering Whatsapp Groups Civil Engineering Whatsapp Groups

    There are civil engineering WhatsApp groups out there, CivilDigital is committed to maintain the quality of each and every group maintained by us.

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