Why Do You Need Electrical Plans For New Constructions?

electrical design

An electrical plan (also known as an electrical drawing or design) is basically the electrical blueprint of a building. Whether it’s a residential home, office, or hospital, these electrical drawings are a fundamental necessity in the building process. Let’s examine their significance in more detail. What Is An Electrical Plan? Electrical plans are wiring diagrams … Read more

Road tunnels or Vehicular Tunnels | Types & Shapes | Components | Advantages & Considerations

Road Tunnel at Guanajuato, Mexico - Horseshoe shaped

Road Tunnels or Vehicular Tunnels Road tunnels or vehicular tunnels are defined as enclosed roadways through ground, sea or mountains with vehicle access restricted through portals or tunnel ends, independent of structure type, method of construction or the crossing medium. The carriageways covered by bridges are not considered as tunnels. Some of the most common … Read more