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State of Stress – Stress Tensor

State of stress at a Point (Stress Tensor) Consider a three dimensional body in equilibrium under the action of a set of external forces P1,P2,P3.. , the stresses developed in different planes vary. To study the magnitude of these forces at any point let the body be divided into 2 parts A&B by a cross… Read More »

Response Spectrum Analysis as per IS1983 in Staad Pro.V8i – Dynamic Analysis

Response Spectrum Analysis as per IS1983 in Staad Pro. V8i Download File Response Spectrum Specification as per the Indian IS:1893 (Part 1)-2002 Code for Dynamic AnalysisMethodologyThe design lateral shear force at each floor in each mode is computed by STAAD in accordance with the IS: 1893 (Part 1) -2002 equation and Qik =… Read More »

Static Seismic Analysis Method on STAAD Pro v8i as per IS1983 – 2002 (Earthquake Analysis)

Static Analysis Method & Calculation of Design Seismic Force in STAAD Pro v8i as per IS1983 – 2002 Download File Structure: Four-story RC office building The building is located in Assam (seismic zone V). The soil conditions are medium stiff Entire building is supported on a raft foundation. R. C. frames are infilled with brick-masonry.… Read More »

STAAD Pro v8i Advanced Training Series

STAAD.Pro v8i Advanced Training Series •Seismic Analysis Using UBC And IBC Codes •Static Seismic Analysis Method on STAAD Pro v8i as per IS1983 – 2002 •Calculating Mode Shapes, Frequencies And Participation factors •Response Spectrum Analysis •Time History analysis of a structure for seismic accelerations •P-Delta Analysis •Buckling Load analysis

Equivalent Lateral Force Analysis in STAAD Pro v8i

Equivalent Lateral Force Analysis (Static Analysis) Seismic Analysis Using UBC And IBC Codes,Equivalent Lateral Force Analysis in STAAD Pro v8i [tubepress video=”luHWKX4aiHM”] Download Staad File Basic principle •When a building is subjected to an earthquake, it undergoes vibrations. •The weights of the structure, when accelerated along the direction of the earthquake, induce forces in the… Read More »

ACI Method

ACI METHOD OF MIX DESIGN – Absolute volume method —   — Introduction ——In 1991,the American Concrete Institute(ACI) published guidaelines for normal, heavyweight and mass concrete mix design. —The absolute volume method of mix design as described by ACI committee 211 is presented. It has the advantages of simplicity that it: Applies equally well with… Read More »

Biological Processes for wastewater treatment

Biological Processes for wastewater treatment OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION An overview of biological wastewater treatment. Important aspects in microbial metabolism. Principal organisms responsible for wastewater treatment. key factors governing biological growth and waste  treatment kinetics. BIOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES OF WASTE WATER TREATMENT Biological TP: a method of contact between microbes and substrate. Suitable temperature, pH, nutrients etc.… Read More »

Road Aggregates

Road Aggregates Man has used sand and stone for foundations for thousands of years. Significant refinement of the production and use of aggregate occurred during the Roman Empire, which used aggregate to build its vast network of roads and aqueducts. Aggregates forms the major part of pavement structure All bituminous and concrete surfacing are principally… Read More »