Axial Capacity of Steel Column or Strut

steel column in an industry

Capacity of Steel Column Columns are those structural elements which predominantly carries axial compression in a structural system. In steel construction, the column is the vertical member which is subjected to axial load and strut is the inclined member subjected to the same. Steel is a very strong material but it does lead to slender … Read more

Fillet weld for Steel Connections | Guidelines for Fillet Welds

Fillet Weld Gauge by GAL GAGE Company

Fillet weld & Strength of Fillet Weld When faces of two members are inclined at an angle, fillet weld is used. Fillet welds usually have a triangular cross-section. In order to do fillet welding, the angle between joining surfaces shall be within a range of 60 to 120 degrees. Important factors that decide the capacity … Read more

Steel Connection | Simple Connections & Moment Connections

Simple Column to Beam Shear Steel Connection with Cleat angle

Selection of Steel Connection When it comes to steel construction, steel connection is one of the most crucial design components, in terms of cost as well as integrity of the structure. If connection types and arrangements are not carefully chosen, it can account for upto 65% of total cost of the production. This is because … Read more

Cathodic Protection | Types of Cathodic Protection | Applications

Sacrificial anode

Cathodic Protection Cathodic protection is an approach which is employed to control the corrosion that occurs on the surface of the metal by making it the cathode of an electro-chemical cell. This procedure is quite simple which involves the connection of the metal to be protected, to a more easily corroded metal which is usually … Read more

Advantages of Steel Box Girder in Bridges | Disadvantages

open trapezoidal composite box girder during fabrication

Steel Box Girders Steel box girders are usually adopted in very long span bridges where it is necessary to keep the self-weight of the structure as minimum as possible. Depending on the width requirements single and multiple cell girders are selected. Steel Box girders are used for footbridges curved in plan and also for bridges … Read more

3 Major Design Philosophies: Working Stress, Ultimate Load and Limit State

Cable-stayed bridges Fan Design

Three Major Design Philosophies A design philosophy is a set of assumptions and procedures which are used to meet the conditions of serviceability, safety, economy and functionality of the structure. Several design philosophies have been introduced from different parts of the world. Some of the design philosophies that has been used by engineers are Working … Read more

Interesting Facts about New River Gorge Bridge, the Gorgeous

Elevation of New River Gorge Bridge

Interesting Facts about New River Gorge Bridge, the Gorgeous Fayetteville, West Virginia, United States. Total length of 924m with the main arch spanning over 518m. 267m above the New Rivers with a carriageway width of 21.1m. The New River Gorge Bridge was opened on the 22nd October, 1977. It was the world’s longest single span … Read more

Things You didn’t Know Chaotianmen Bridge – World Record Steel Arch Bridge

Chaotianmen Bridge - World Record Steel Arch Bridge

Things You didn’t Know about Chaotianmen Bridge – World Record Steel Arch Bridge The Chaotianmen Bridge is built across the Yangtze River, Chongqing, China. The total length of the main bridge and both west and east approaches is 1741 m, the span layout of Yangtze River Bridge is 190 + 552 + 190 m to … Read more

The Solar Ark – An Innovative Steel Structure

Solar Ark - Steel Structure

The Solar Ark – An Innovative Steel Structure The Solar Ark is an ark-shaped solar power facility in Japan owned by Sanyo. With over 5000 panels cladding to the structure, it produces approximately 530,000 kilowatt-hours on an annually. The maximum system power is630 kW. It is one of the largest solar buildings in the world. … Read more