3D Laser Survey in Construction Industry | Applications of Laser Surveying | Advantages

Survery output from 3D Laser Survey (Source - YouTubeBuildingPoint Florida)

What is 3D laser Survey? 3D Laser Survey is a new generation surveying method utilizing 3D laser scanners that can capture 3D surfaces as point clouds and process it. Laser scanning-based reality capture is fundamentally changing the world of architecture and construction. Like any other technology field, for the construction industry “Time is money”. 3-Dimensional … Read more

Bearings & Azimuths in Surveying | Calculation & Conversion of Bearings and Azimuths | Example

Bearings & Azimuths

Bearings & Azimuths in Surveying Angles and lengths are the basic measurements in surveying. Angles in surveying are classified as either horizontal or vertical, based on the plane in which they are measured. Horizontal angles are the elementary observations required for determining bearings & azimuths. Determining the positions of points and orientations of lines often … Read more