USBR Method

High Performance Concrete

USBR Method of Concrete Mix Proportioning Principle In this method of mix design, the water content of air entrained concrete and the proportions of fine and coarse aggregates are determined for a fixed workability and grade of fine aggregates.   Procedure of mix proportion Table 1 recommends maximum slump for various types of concrete construction … Read more

Steps Involved in Mix Proportioning as per IS 10262:2009 (with solved example)

Mix Proportioning as per IS 10262:2009

Steps Involved in Mix Proportioning as per IS 10262:2009 (with solved example)   General Steps Involved in Mix Proportioning Step 1. Choice of Slump Stiffest possible consistency that can be easily placed and compacted without segregation Pumping are typically designed for 100 mm to 150 mm slump Step 2. Choice of Max. Size of Aggregate … Read more

IS Codes Used In Mix Proportioning & their Uses

IS Codes Used In Mix Proportioning IS 456 : 2000 Code of Practice for Plain & Reinforced Concrete Exposure Conditions Table 5 – Minimum Cement Content & Max. w/c ratio IS 10262: 2009 Mix Proportioning – Guidelines Table 1 – Standard Deviation Table 2 – Max. Water Content Table 3 – Vol. fraction of Coarse … Read more

General Considerations for Workability of Concrete

workability of concrete

General Considerations for Workability of Concrete Workability Workability represents consistency & cohesiveness of concrete General Considerations for Workability Water content The higher the water content, the higher will be the fluidity of concrete, which is one of the important factors affecting workability. a/c Ratio The higher the aggregate/cement ratio, the leaner is the concrete In … Read more

Various Strands of Mix Designing, Significance & Specific Principles

Specific Principles

Mix Proportioning & Strands of Mix Design Mix Proportioning Concrete Mix Proportioning is the science of deciding relative proportions of ingredients of concrete, to achieve the desired properties in the most economical way. Strands Of Proportioning Absolute Volume Methods IS Method ACI Method Road Note No. 4 Method DOE Method Weight Methods USBR Method Trial … Read more

IRC Method Concrete Mix Design

IRC method

IRC Method Of Concrete Mix Design About IRC 44-1976 Primarily implemented in the design of Concrete Rigid Pavements on Road Construction. Flexural strength is more often specified than compressive strength in the design of concrete mixes for pavement construction. Basic Differences from IS method Strength Criteria– Checking of Flexural strength have more priority than Compressive … Read more

Types of Concrete Mixes

concrete mixes

Nominal Mixes In the past the specifications for concrete prescribed the proportions of cement, fine and coarse aggregates. These mixes of fixed cement-aggregate ratio which ensures adequate strength are termed nominal mixes. These offer simplicity and under normal circumstances, have a margin of strength above that specified. However, due to the variability of mix ingredients … Read more

Repair of Concrete Complete Text

Repair of Concrete Repair of Concrete Introduction This guide first discusses Reclamation’s methodology for concrete repair. It then addresses the more common causes of damage to Reclamation concrete, including suggestions of the types of repair methods and materials most likely to be successful in repair of concrete damage resulting from those causes. Finally, the guide … Read more

Building a Green Capital City – City of Madison

Building a Green Capital City: The Natural Step to Madison’s Sustainable Design and Energy Future The City of Madison, WI launched a program in 2004 to become a green capital city and a leader in sustainable design and energy. The city is leading by example and encouraging businesses and residents to follow suit. Madison adopted … Read more