Formwork for Beams and Slabs

Formwork for Beams and Slabs

Formwork for Beams and Slabs Forms are molds to receive concrete in its’ plastic form. Formwork is temporary structure, as such, it is not normally shown on the drawings. Formwork Materials Wood Either all-wood or some wood components Plywood Aluminum Steel Plastics Lumber Designated by Cross Sections, Nominal Dimensions (prior to finishing) After cut length … Read more

How to select the Formwork System

Prefab Alum

How to select the Formwork System Why worry about the Choice of Forming System? Refer ppt below. What Choices Do I Have? Wall Forming Walls Loose Framing Prefabricated Panels Crane Set Gangs Wall Systems (Prefabricated Panels) Prefab Steel Panel Prefab Alum. Panel are durable for many reuses simplify and reduce the labor required studs and … Read more

Structural Detailing and Bar Bending Schedule

Detailing of Steel

Structural Detailing and Bar Bending Schedule Detailing Functions design and design requirements cutting and bending of the reinforcement placing and wiring in position maintaining position of reinforcement pre-assembly of cages and mats concreting measurements of quantities economy in the use of steel Requirements Of Detailing simple for fabrication and placing the crack width must be … Read more

What is Ferro cement?

Ferro cement

What is Ferro cement? Definition “Ferro cement is a type of thin wall reinforced concrete, commonly constructed of hydraulic cement mortar, reinforced with closely spaced layers of continuous and relatively small size wire mesh. The mesh may be made of metallic or other suitable materials” -ACI Committee 549, 1980 Cement mortar is reinforced with layers … Read more

Concrete Properties and Mix Design | Mix Proportioning

Mix Design

Performance-Based Concrete Pavement Mix Design System Mix Design? It is the process of determining required and specifiable characteristics of a concrete mixture. Prescriptive approach (limits on materials). Performance approach (desirable characteristics). Mix design requirements are based on intended use, environment, etc.Mix design is the process of determining the quantities of concrete ingredients that meet the … Read more

Introduction to Structural Concepts and Design

Structural Concepts and Design

Introduction to Structural Concepts and Design •Concrete design in Australia follows AS 3600; •Concrete behaviour varies depending on whether it is in tension or compression; •The strength of concrete is given in terms of the characteristic strength; •Characteristic strength is defined in AS 3600 as “the value of material strength, as assessed by standard test, … Read more

Cement & Concrete Mix Design

Concrete Mix Design

Concrete Mix Design Concrete is a construction material composed of : Cement (commonly Portland cement) as well as other cementitious materials such as fly ash and slag cement. Aggregate (generally a coarse aggregate such as gravel, limestone, or granite, plus a fine aggregate such as sand). Water  and Chemical admixtures. The word concrete comes from … Read more

Concrete in Brief

Concrete in Brief

Concrete in Brief Properties of concrete Easily mixed, handled, transported, placed in position and compacted Segregation Separation of constituent materials of concrete Creates larger voids and reduces the durability and strength. Bleeding Water from concrete comes out of the surface Produces pores in concrete and reduces strength. Strength Compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength. Elasticity … Read more

Concrete Formwork & Types of Formwork |Shuttering

Concrete Formwork & Types Of Formwork

Concrete Formworks Definition: Formworks for In-situ Concrete Work is defined as “A mould or box into which wet concrete can   be poured and compacted so that it will flow   and finally set to the inner profile of the box  or mould.” Formwork can be made using molds out of steel, wood, aluminum and/or … Read more