Biofuel & Plastic Waste Management | Production of Bio-Fuel | PPT

Synthetic bio fuel produced in Laboratory

Importance of Plastic Waste Management Plastic is one of the most successful manufacturing materials in post-world war era. It’s due to its high specific-strength, toughness, chemical inertness and cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, global production of plastic material has increased more than 200-fold from 1950 to 2020. Today over 100 million tonnes of plastic is … Read more

Validity Of BOD Test for

Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)

Validity Of BOD Test for Waste-water Released to Marine Ecosystems Submitted by T. Sunder Rami Rreedy Introduction Cities have resulted in faster growth rate, 17 coastal megacities covering about 25% of the world’s population. The availability of oxygen in the ocean is limited due to high chlorides. The biochemical degradation rates are slower in salinity … Read more

Energy Generation from Biogas Produced at STP

Gas Holders at Delawas

Energy Generation from Biogas Produced at STP Presented By:  K M Jaiswal Excreta and wastewater sludge are resources for making biogas. Finding ways to put them to their best uses is part of developing sustainable technologies. At the same time, excreta and wastewater sludge – if not managed properly – can be dangerous to human … Read more

Why do we Need Soak Pit Tank ?

Soak Pit

Why do we Need Soak Pit Tank ? The water in the septic tank is not pure, it is called grey water because it still contains organic materials that need to be filtered out.  A Soak Pit is a covered, porous-walled chamber that allows water to slowly soak into the ground. Pre-settled effluent from septic … Read more

Odor Treatment Methods & Design Considerations

Biological odor treatment unit for wastewater

Odor Treatment Methods Odor Treatments are used either to treat the odor producing compounds in the waste water or to treat the foul air. Some principle methods are:- Chemical scrubbers Activated carbon absorbers Vapour phase biological treatment Thermal process Chemical scrubbers Design objective is to provide enough contact between air, water and chemicals to enable … Read more

Source of Odors & Strategies for Odor Management

Odor management

Source of Odors & Strategies for Odor Management By Dinesh Why do we need odor management? The potential release of odors is a major concern of public acceptance. For homo-sapiens odor is primarily related to the psychological stress the odor cause. Higher concentration of odorous gases can be lethal. Projects have been rejected & some … Read more

Operation of Rotating Biological Contactor – Study on Sewage Treatment Plant

Rotating Biological Contactor

Operation of Rotating Biological Contactor – Study on Sewage Treatment Plant by Avinash Kumar Jha The Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) is a fixed film biological secondary treatment device. In operation, a media, consisting of a series of circular disks mounted side by side on a common shaft is rotated through the waste-water flow. Working of … Read more

Design of Trickling Filters & Common Operational Issues

Attached Growth Trickling Filters

Types of Trickling Filters & Common Operational Issues by Pankaj Bansal What is a trickling filter?? Trickling filter is a type of waste water treatment process, which is an attached growth process. In this process the microorganisms responsible for digestion are attached to an inert filter material. This Packing material can be rock, gravel, sand and … Read more

Water Resources Management In Drought Conditions

Water Resources Management In Draught Conditions

Water Resources Management Drought is a complex problem. The Solution depends on the pertinent information availability and the adopted decision models and criteria. Drought- A  natural  shortfall  of precipitation and water resources to levels that do not meet the uses established for normal conditions. Drought-An abnormal shortage of water or moisture and the problems of … Read more