Types of Dams | Classification of Reservoirs

Nagarjunasagar Dam

Types of Dams A dam is a hydraulic structure or assembly that is constructed across a river to form a reservoir on its upstream side for confining water for various purposes like Hydropower, water supply, flood control, navigation, fishing and recreation, irrigation. Dams are constructed depending on the purpose for which they are used. Different … Read more

The Bowen Ratio Method and PAN Evaporation Explained

Bowen Ratio Method

Energy Balance and The Bowen Ratio Method Explained During the Evapotranspiration process, energy is used to convert water from liquid to vapor and transfer the vapor to the atmosphere. The Bowen-ratio method, which were used to estimate ET, are based on characteristics of the energy budget associated with atmospheric fluxes. Instrumentation two solid-state temperature and … Read more

Boundary Layer Equations and Different Boundary Layer Thickness

boundary layer

Boundary Layer Equations and Different Boundary Layer Thickness Topics Covered Different Boundary Layer Thickness Nominal Thickness Displacement Thickness Momentum Thickness Energy Thickness Equations for different BL thickness Boundary Layer Equations Assumptions Nominal Thickness Nominal thickness of the boundary layer is defined as the thickness of zone extending from solid boundary to a point where velocity … Read more