Maintenance of Heavy Equipment: Essential Upkeep Tips

Maintenance of heavy equipment

Maintenance of heavy equipment is essential for operational efficiency and safety. Regular servicing prolongs machinery lifespan and prevents costly breakdowns. Proper maintenance of heavy equipment stands at the core of construction, mining, and agriculture industries.  Ensuring that machinery such as bulldozers, cranes, and backhoes are in top operating condition not only boosts productivity but also … Read more

Strategies for Improving Staff Morale in Civil Engineering Firms

Improving Staff Morale

Most people expect to see infrastructure in their cities: bridges, sewage and drainage channels, highways, perfectly built tenement housing, and so on, that they forget the almost supernatural nature of having these things exist. Good governments and smart capitalists make all of these available. However, the civil engineers in charge of these projects tend to … Read more

Benefits of Seeking Planning Permission for Your Project

Town and city planners, who work in the field of urban planning, are responsible for managing planning permission regulations and approval. This application requirement is intended to prevent builders from breaking the regulations outlined in the building code. An individual who wants to build a house is free to submit their own application for planning … Read more

Types of Nuclear Waste and Disposal Techniques – Civil Seminar

Nuclear Waste Disposal

Types of Nuclear Waste and Disposal Techniques Since the development and utilization of nuclear energy during World War II, countries have struggled with the issue of disposing of high-level nuclear waste . Nuclear waste is one of the biggest downsides to nuclear power, and can remain dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years. Geological disposal … Read more

Phase Changing Materials used as Building Material

Used as ceiling material

Phase Changing Materials used as Building Material by Rojan P.V Introduction Modern architecture is Attractive, flexible and light weight this leads to less thermal storage capacity and more solar heat gains. Phase Changing Materials (PCM) used as Interior finishing alternatives stores much larger amount of thermal energy per unit mass than conventional building materials. Requires … Read more

Trickling Filters & Advantages

Trickling Filters

Trickling Filters What Are Trickling Filters? •Fixed media treatment system •Waste water is distributed over media colonised by micro-organisms •Consists of a  bed of highly permeable media •An under drainage system important both as a  collection unit  &  as  porous structure •Biological community: •Aerobic •Anaerobic •Facultative •Fungi Process Organic material from liquid is adsorbed onto … Read more

Efficient Use of Outrigger & Belt Truss in Tall Buildings | Seminar

Topics from Building Technology

The Efficient Use of Outrigger & Belt Truss in Tall Buildings Submitted By: Neeraj Agrawal Introduction The outrigger and belt truss system is one of the lateral loads resisting system in which the external columns are tied to the central core wall with very stiff outriggers and belt truss at one or more levels. The … Read more

Masonry Wall – Types, Failure Mechanisms & Advantages

Brick Masonry Wall

Masonry Wall – Types, Failure Mechanisms & Advantages Submitted By-Bhawnesh Kuldeep The masonry walls is built of individual blocks of materials such as stone, brick, concrete, hollow blocks, cellular concrete etc., usually in horizontal courses cemented together with some form of mortar. Advantages Of Masonry Wall The use brick and stone can increase the thermal … Read more