Choosing the Best Commercial Building Flooring

Choosing the best commercial flooring for your building isn’t as easy as you think. Some commercial building owners become complacent and think their building will look good with any flooring type. But once contractors install the flooring, they regret it and have it replaced with a different one. This is why it is important to look for the right flooring solutions.

If you want your commercial building to get the best flooring, you need to keep in mind several things and avoid regretting it in the long run. Not only will you get the best type of flooring, but you also get to save valuable money and time that you can use for other essential things in your daily activities. 

1. Consider Your Building Needs

Every commercial building has specific needs, and that also includes choosing the right type of flooring. Note that not all commercial buildings need hardwood flooring, and it will all depend on how people will use the area. If people use the commercial building to set up their offices, they can settle with carpet, laminate, or hardwood flooring. 

But if the building experiences tremendous foot traffic all the time, like large equipment and machines moving around, you will need sturdier flooring like concrete. You need to prioritize function over style if you don’t want to keep repairing the flooring every time. You might have HVAC technicians walking towards the HVAC access doors and panels every day, so you will need more robust flooring material to prevent it from warping or damaging easily. 

Linoleum flooring
Commercial Building Flooring – Linoleum flooring

2. Calculating the Noise Factor

There’s nothing worse than a noisy commercial building because of people walking by all the time. Most companies prefer their employees to wear formal shoes, and they can get noisy on particular floors, such as hardwood and concrete. If you want to lessen the amount of noise made by people walking, you can choose carpet flooring. It significantly muffles the noise from shoes, ensuring you get a quiet building all the time. 

But if you plan to choose hardwood flooring, it’s better that you install it in areas such as break rooms and dining areas. That type of flooring generates a lot of noise because of its hard surface. You also have laminate flooring as another option if you want an inexpensive version of the hardwood. 

3. Appeal and Aesthetics

When choosing a type of flooring, you also need to consider how it will look inside your building. Usually, there are several areas within a commercial building that you can focus on making appealing, especially if there are clients that you want to impress. If you wish to have pure flooring aesthetics, you can choose laminate flooring. 

That type of flooring can mimic almost any kind of hardwood design, and it won’t cost you too much. It’s also the easiest to install out of the other flooring types, so you can swap it out with another design if you’re bored with the current one. Another type is the LVT, also known as luxury vinyl tiles, to choose from because of its wide range of designs and styles. 


Ensure you keep in mind the several choosing tips above to get the perfect flooring for your commercial building. Moreover, always keep in mind that it’s best to find a reliable flooring supplier to get high-quality and durable products.