Complete list of Civil Engineering Topics

There is no other engineering stream as vast as Civil engineering discipline. There are numerous sub-disciplines in civil engineering. Undergraduate degree courses in civil engineering are planned in such a way that the scholars achieve a progressive knowledge in the topics, starting from the very basics of civil engineering to highly advance topics in civil engineering. Here you can find the list of civil engineering topics or index of civil engineering topics for successful completion of civil engineering program. This list of topics can be used as a checklist if you are preparing for competitive examinations and other exams.

Civil Engineering Topics
Civil Engineering Topics

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Undergraduate Level Topics

  1. Building Design and Drawing
  2. Building Technology
  3. Construction Management and Quantity Surveying
  4. Economics and Management
  5. Environmental Engineering
  6. Environmental Studies in Civil Engineering
  7. Functional Design of Buildings
  8. Geomatics
  9. Geosciences
  10. Geotechnology
  11. Mechanics of Fluids
  12. Mechanics of Solids
  13. Open Channel Hydraulics and Hydrology
  14. Structural Analysis
  15. Structural Design
  16. Surveying
  17. Transportation Engineering
  18. Water Resources Engineering

Post-graduate Level Topics

Structural Engineering

  1. Advance Solid Mechanics
  2. Advanced Foundation Design
  3. Advanced Structural Analysis
  4. Bridge Engineering
  5. Computational Methods
  6. Concrete Technology
  7. Design of Advanced Concrete Structures
  8. Design of Composite Structures
  9. Earthquake Engineering
  10. Finite Element Method
  11. Ground Improvement Techniques
  12. Plate & Shells
  13. Prestressed Structures
  14. Soil Structure Interaction
  15. Structural Dynamics
  16. Structural Optimization
  17. Structural Optimization
  18. Tall Buildings
  19. Tunnel Engineering

Disaster Assessment & Mitigation

  1. Aseismic Designing and Construction of Structures
  2. Climate change variability and adaptation
  3. Disaster preparedness and response
  4. Drinking water and sanitation under emergencies
  5. Environmental and Resources Economics
  6. Environmental Modelling
  7. Geo-informatics for natural resources/disaster management
  8. Governance and Management of Natural Resources
  9. Hazard, vulnerability and risk analysis
  10. Introduction to Sustainable Development
  11. Rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery
  12. Spatial data collection and analysis
  13. Understanding natural and manmade disaster
  14. Water Conservation

Water Resource Engineering

  1. Remote sensing and GIS Applications
  2. Free Surface Flow
  3. Advance Hydraulics
  4. Simulation & Modeling
  5. Ground Water Hydrology
  6. Watershed and Wetland Hydrology
  7. Modeling and GIS Lab

Transportation Engineering

  1. Highway Materials
  2. Pavement Maintenance Management System
  3. Traffic engineering & field Studies
  4. Transportation Planning

Environmental Engineering

  1. Air and Noise Pollution
  2. Industrial Waste Management
  3. Simulation & Modeling
  4. Solid and Hazardous Waste Mgt.