Topics on Building Technology

Topics from Building Technology

Bricks- IS classifications, Properties and testing, Types of bricks, Tiles, Manufacture, properties and uses, aerocon blocks- Types of tiles ; Ceramic products, Lime, Classification, Manufacture, properties and uses ; Plastics, properties, reinforced plastics- uses- light roofing materials, glass- manufacture, testing, geosynthetics, classification, aluminum composite panels, uPVC panels, industrial timber products, manufacture and properties

Cement, Ingredients, Manufacture, Types of cement, Properties and testing, Uses ; Mortar, Sand, Properties, Types of mortar and uses ; Concrete, Properties of fresh concrete and tests, Proportioning of concrete mixes, Properties of hardened concrete and tests, Recent developments in concrete ; Iron and steel, Structural sections, Properties and uses of structural steel, Recent developments in steel and concrete;

Foundation, Timbering of foundation trenches, Bearing capacity of soils, Improvement of bearing capacity, Settlement of foundation, Description of spread, grillage, raft and pile foundations; Brick and stone masonry, Bonds in brick work, Cavity walls, Lintels and arches; Concrete construction, Batching, mixing, placing, compacting and curing of concrete, form work, Precast concrete, Prestressed concrete, Recent developments in concreting; Partition walls, Types and features.

Floors and flooring, Different types and applications; Doors, windows and ventilators, Different types; Finishing works; Building Failures, Concrete failure, Steel failure, Foundation failure, Other types of failures, Causes and Remedial measures, Building repairs, Shoring, Underpinning; Steel and concrete frames Slip form and lift slab constructions- trenchless technology, micro tunnelling; Fire proof construction, Fire load, Fire resisting properties of building materials, Fire extinguishing methods, Fire proof construction methods.

Topics from Building Technology
Topics from Building Technology


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