Topics from Mechanics of Fluids

Topics from Mechanics of Fluids

Mechanics of Fluids, Fluids, Definition, Types and properties. Fluid as a continuum, Control volume concept. Fluid Statics- Fluid pressure- Measurement of pressure- Hydrostatic forces on immersed surfaces-Application of fluid pressure analysis in engineering problems. Buoyancy and stability of immersed and floating bodies, Pressure in case of accelerated rigid body motion.

Fluid kinematics, Methods of describing fluid motion, Types of motion, Inviscid flows, Velocity and acceleration, Continuity equation- Potential flows-Velocity potential and Stream function. Cauchy Reimann equations, Flownet, Circulation and vorticity.

Fluid dynamics, Types of forces, Forces influencing fluid motion, Energy and Head, Energy correction factor, Euler and Bernoulli’s equations. Application of Bernoulli’s equation. Flow measurement, Linear momentum equations, Momentum correction factor, Application of momentum equation.

Pipe flow, Introduction, Laminar and turbulent flows, Reynolds’ number, Head loss. Major loss in pipe flow, Friction loss, Minor losses, Total energy and hydraulic gradient line, Compound pipes, Pipes in series and parallel, Branching pipes, Pipe networks.

Introduction to boundary layer theory, Boundary layer growth in flow over a plate, Flow past immersed bodies. Dimensional analysis and similitude, Methods of dimensional analysis, Dimensionless numbers. Principles of similarity, Modelling using Reynolds and Froude laws, Distorted models and scale effects.

Mechanics of Fluids
Mechanics of Fluids


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