How to denote a Specific type of Weld, Various Weld Symbols

How to denote a Specific type of Weld, Various Weld Symbols

You will be able to understand and use AWS welding symbols properly after reading this.  You will be able to draw the suitable symbols and make the proper welds from reading AWS blueprint symbols.  .


Fillet weld Symbol
Fillet weld Symbol

After completion of this unit, the student should be able to:

  1. Understand the various weld symbols used by AWS and their meaning
  2. Know the various joint symbols used by AWS
  3. understand the importance of the placement of each symbol
  4. Draw the different symbols and lines used by AWS.
  5. Make the proper welds in the proper locations using an AWS blueprint or diagram.
  6. Make fabrication plans using the AWS symbols.

Introduction to AWS Welding Symbols

The welding symbols used nowadays are considered shorthand for the welder.  Developing a clear means of communication between the designing engineer and the welder doing the task. The American Welding Society (AWS) has developed a standard set of symbols to be used for this purpose.  The designing engineer and the welders use these symbols without need for further communication.

The Welding Symbol

The welding symbol consists of three parts.

  • The Tail
  • Reference Line
  • The Arrow

The Reference Line

  •  The reference line is the main base for welding symbols used in blueprints.
  • Whatever written above the reference line itself indicates a weld on the other side of where the arrow points.
  • Everything written below the reference line itself indicates a weld on the same side as the arrow points.
  • Additional reference lines are used to express a sequence of welds or operations to be preformed.  Frequently it is necessary to prepare the joint before welding, and will be defined in the welding symbol.

The Arrow

  •  The arrow runs from the reference line and describes the joint that needs to be welded.
  • A straight arrow is for weld locations.
  • A broken-arrow line is used for joint preparation and breaks toward the piece that is to be beveled.

The Tail

  •  Inside the tail will be further information about the weld.  Generally, the method of welding or type of welding rod to be used.
  • Specification or other references will be placed here.
  • The tail might not appear on the reference line if it is not being used.

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