Dip-Tech Printers: A New and Innovative Way to Print

Dip-Tech Glass printing has been a part of the commercial, industrial, architectural, and design industries for many years. There are two approaches to printing on glass surfaces, interior and exterior. These two are screen glass printing and digital glass printing.

Digital printing on glass can enhance its aesthetic value and functionality for many applications. Digital printing technology helps in designing and enhances the durability, sustainability, and flexibility of glass surfaces.

Types of digital glass printing

There are two main types of digital glass printing,

  1. The UV- curable printing
  2. The digital ceramic printing

Dip-Tech digital printing

Dip-Tech first started its business with the primary objective of digitalizing the ancient endeavor of glass printing. They have been in business for almost two decades, leading the industrial supply of digital glass printers and inks for various applications.

Dip-tech printer helps create high-quality designs that are vivid, bold, and durable designs.

Dip-Tech digital printing Source - Unknown
Dip-Tech digital printing Source – Unknown

Initially, the Dip-Tech printers were used in the automotive industry, but with time, they became a popular solution for architectural, dinner and dinnerware, and other appliance markets.

Dip-Tech Printers

Nothing works on the glass more smoothly than a Dip-Tech ultra-resolution ceramic printer. With Dip-Tech ceramic ink and software, the printers go far and beyond the limits with a durable screen printing solution.

Dip-Tech DX-3, Dip-Tech VX-3, GPI, and Dip-Tech SP-1 are popular Dip-Tech printers that integrate innovation with functionality and create excellent final products.

How does digital printing work?

The process of creating beautiful and functional designs using the Dip-Tech printer starts with the selection of appropriate ceramic ink. The ink contains a combination of inorganic color pigments and micro-fritted glass particles. The printer prints an image or design on the glass surface and is then allowed to dry. After drying, the glass is heated to a specific temperature to fuse the ink into the glass and make it durable.

This design can be used in architectural applications, automotive replacement and structures, and glass equipment, including mirrors, dining utensils, etc.

How to choose the best Dip-Tech printer?

Whether you want to print designs digitally on kitchen equipment or architectural spaces, the application decides the best Dip-Tech printer for you.

  • Dip-Tech DX-3 ensures minimum service levels with maximum productivity for the architectural flat glass industry.
  • GPI Dip-Tech printer is the best solution for multiple architectural, automotive replacement, marine glazing, and bulletproofing applications.
  • For automotive glass, the Dip-Tech VX-3 printer uses smart-drop technological solutions to create functional, flexible, and innovative designs.
  • The SP-1 Dip-Tech printer combines two factors, high quality, and less time consumption while creating aesthetic automotive glass designs.
How to choose the best Dip-Tech printer Source- Unknown
How to choose the best Dip-Tech printer Source- Unknown

When choosing a printer for yourself, the factors that play a significant role are the application, the type of glass, ink, and business requirement.

Take Away

Glass is a popular decorative material. With the technological advancements, it is now being used in several different industrial sectors. Digital glass printing, using the Dip-Tech printer, not only enhances the design but also makes it flexible and more durable.