Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Project, Thesis, Seminar and Presentation Topics List 2

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Project, Thesis, Seminar and Presentation Topics List 2

Find latest and state of the art topics for civil engineering Projects, Seminars, Dissertations and Presentations on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation. CivilDigital.com brings you series of uncommon and exclusive civil engineering project topics. Selecting the right project topic has a major impact on your career. Choosing civil engineering project topic can be crucial step in your career path.

If you don’t want to do much work and you are only after the degree, please excuse, these are not the right topics for you. You better google it.

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering Part 2A

  1. The Risk Assessment of Urban Flood Disaster Based on Elevation Ladder Data
  2. Composite Structure Stress Analysis of Row Posture Micro-Piles on Slope Protection
  3. Fuzzy Matter-Element Evaluation Method for Analysis of Debris Flow Risk Assessment
  4. Finite Element Analysis on Flexural Fatigue Behavior of RC Beams Strengthened with CFRP
  5. Torsional Vibration Control of High-Rise Building with Large Local Space by Using Tuned Mass Damper
  6. Analysis on Causes of Crack in Multiple-Arch Tunnel
  7. Study on the Dynamic Interaction between Steel Primary Structure and Cable Curtain Walls Secondary Structure under Wind Load
  8. Cost Estimation Method of Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation of Power System
  9. Research of City Bridge Passed through by Subway Construction in Health Monitoring and Safety Warning
  10. The Test Study of Shape Coefficient of Low-Rise Buildings Roof with Different Positions of Openings
Fibres in Concrete
Fibres in Concrete

If you talk to professionals, they will say that the first question that is going to be asked to you if you attend an interview as a fresher, will be about your civil project topic. It is very important to select the apt civil engineering project topic because you are going to a lot of research on the topic that you are going to select. You might be selecting your field of study for higher studies based on this topic. Sometimes the project topic decides your favorite civil engineering subject.

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering 2B

  1. The Response Surface Method of Quadratic Polynomials for Reliability Analysis of Plate on Elastic Foundation
  2. State of the Art on the Monitoring Methods of Offshore Wind Energy Conversion System
  3. The Study of SCF about Cross Shaped Board – Welded Hollow Spherical Joints
  4. The Analysis of Indoor Formaldehyde Pollution Based on Model House Acceptable of a Finished Residence
  5. Experimental Study on the Recovery Stress of Shape Memory Alloy Strands and Wire
  6. Modal Test on an External Prestressed Steel Beam
  7. Fatigue of Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Composites
  8. Experimental Study on Eccentric Compression Behavior of Timber Columns with Longitudinal Cracks Strengthened by CFRP Sheets
  9. The Practical Formula of Ground Vibration Attenuation Induced by the Parallel Vehicles on a Ring Road
  10. Numerical Simulation on Multi-Direction Splitting Test and Crack Process of Concrete
  11. more topics on disaster management engineering (coming soon)

If you are confused about the topic that need to be selected, it is because you are unable to understand your expert topic. Select a topic in which you have a good base and catch. Then select a specialized topic out of it, after discussing with your guide. You cannot learn a lot by doing the project if you don’t have a strong and motivating guide.