Geotechnical Engineering Quiz Part 5 – Foundation

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Geotechnical Engineering Quiz Part 5

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In case of pile foundations, negative skin friction is encountered on sites with

Tolerable settlements for tall structures can be in excess as compared to conventional designed structures (50-65 mm)

The Approximate depth of pile foundatio of the current world's tallest building (828 meters high) below the base of the raft is around

Identify the INCORRECT statement regarding resonant column testing

In situ test not performed in case of pile foundations

For performing a plate load test on soils , size of plate used for clays is generally

Consider the following statements regarding CNS test

1) CNS stands for "Constant Normal Stiffness"
2) It is used reliably to measure ultimate shaft friction
3) It is generally used for raft foundations

Bi - directional cell test used for pile loading was originally developed by

Resonant column testing is used for

Which of the following tests are suitable for soil for multi-storey high rise buildings

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Geotechnical Engineering Quiz
Geotechnical Engineering Quiz