How To Bring A New Look To Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the essential components of a beautiful kitchen is the cabinets. They could be the first element people see when they enter this space. Unfortunately, these cabinets can look worn down and unattractive after some years because of wear and tear. Some craftsmen can improve or repair worn-out cabinets in your area; do a quick search for handyman near me and choose the experienced handyman that provides an effective solution. 

The good news is that you can make significant changes to your kitchen cabinets without replacing them. If your cabinet materials are all in working condition, you can refresh your style by implementing kitchen improvement ideas to make them look brand new. For instance, one way to update the look of your kitchen is to repaint the cabinets.

Replace The Kitchen Cabinets Hardware 
Replace The Kitchen Cabinets Hardware 

Here are more ways and ideas to bring a new look to your kitchen cabinets:

Replace The Hardware 

Kitchen cabinets come with hardware like knobs and handles. When you replace the hardware of your worn-down cabinets, you can instantly make them look brand new again. You’ll be surprised to see how adding new knobs or pulls will make your cabinets appear more modern and elegant again. 

Depending on your kitchen space’s current theme, there are many options for your cabinet’s hardware designs and materials. Popular materials for cabinet pull and handles are crystal, glass, metal, and wood. Whether you’re going for modern cabinets, classic ones, or countryside styles, there are different hardware suitable for these themes.

In addition, it’s possible to upgrade your cabinet hardware in different designs and finishes to match your style. Such hardware can also come in different colors, textures, and finishes. Some will have brass, polished chrome, satin or matte finishes, and so on. 


Sometimes a paint job is all you need to make your cabinets look fresh again. While it can be tempting to follow some of the hottest paint trends in kitchen cabinets today, it would be ideal for sticking to your preferred color or the perfect shade that complements your interior design.

Repainting your cabinets is just like having new cabinets in the kitchen. It allows you to fix the ruggedness and dirt accumulated in your worn-down cabinets. And the good news is that they don’t have to cost much.

If you have some handyman skills and paint, you can partake in this home improvement project yourself. Buy the best quality catalyzed paint for your wooden cabinets. You can also go to the hardware store and ask for assistance with the best paint products.

Sometimes repainting the cabinets is more than enough to recreate a different look for your kitchen. If you’re unsure what color to pick for your cabinets, you can utilize the color visualizer app available in some paint companies.

Stain Your Cabinets  Kitchen Cabinets
Stain Your Cabinets  Kitchen Cabinets

You can choose primary colors such as white, cream, beige, or brown. You can also play and combine two tones to create contrast and beauty. If you’re not keen on painting the cabinets yourself, it’s always best to seek help from professional cabinet painters like Hello Painting. 

Stain Your Cabinets 

If your existing cabinets were already stained before, it would be a great idea to re-stain them again. However, if your cabinetry is already dark-stained, it would be wise to use a lighter stain. 

If you need to redo the staining process, it’s necessary to strip all the cabinets down to just the wood and start sanding them. The good thing about sanding your cabinet’s surfaces is that you’ll have smooth-looking cabinets once again for a small fraction of the price. 

Cover With Wallpaper  

If you’re feeling more playful and experimental with patterns and prints for your kitchen, a great alternative is to glue wallpaper material on their surfaces. Removable wallpaper is the perfect way to add life and energy to your otherwise plain and dull kitchen. These removable wallpapers can be installed by yourself and are easy to remove.

It’s often thought that wallpaper is only used on walls, but that isn’t the case here. With some creativity and attention to detail, you can use it on cabinet doors to enhance their looks. The key is to ensure that the patterns or designs you choose will coordinate well with your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Apply High Gloss 

If you’re tired of cleaning and wiping the obvious dirt that appears on your matte cabinet’s surfaces, it’s a wonderful idea to choose a high-gloss finish instead. High-gloss finishes are better than matte finishes, especially when removing dirty fingerprints.

You can store your long-lasting and clean kitchenware inside, and your kitchen space will look sparkling clean. High-gloss makes great cabinet finishes, making your kitchen look straight out of the home improvement magazine. 


It isn’t time-consuming to upgrade your cabinets. Consider the tips in this article so you’ll have fresh-looking ones in your kitchen space. Remember to add some new hardware, play with different colors, and stain your cabinets to make them look new again. Don’t forget to approach the pros if you’re not a fan of partaking in DIY home projects.