How to Find More Customers on Twitter for Your Construction Business : Effective Free Ways and Paid Live Views

“Twitter is a place for communication, jokes and selfies,” users thought a couple of years ago. Yes, it really was true, but in 2023 we’re seeing a completely different situation: today the platform is focused not only on ordinary users and influencers. Literally in 2-3 years, a lot of professional microblogs have appeared here, created with the aim of making some profit, attracting new customers and forming a positive image of the company. This has not spared the construction business either, many companies are represented on the site and actively promote their brands, because visibility on the Internet and a brilliant online reputation is an indicator of the popularity, reliability and demand of the company.

It would seem that what could be difficult in promotion? You see, users have become more selective and now, in order to attract their attention, entrepreneurs and influencers have to spend quite a lot of time, effort and resources for the qualitative promotion of their accounts. In addition, in order to form a reliable promotional strategy, you need to understand which methods are working at the moment. And we’ll help you with this – in this article we’ll share 2 free and 1 paid ways that will help you grow online.

  1. Go live and purchase views

Streams are one of the best options for communicating with people and attracting new potential customers. There are many advantages in this: you can show your construction project (house, hotel, apartment, etc.), tell about the work of the company or answer all your questions in real time. Users really like this kind of content, and they quite often visit the livestreams of brands and influencers that interest them. So, you can be sure that in this way you’ll be able to get new followers. But what if users don’t watch your streams?

Fortunately, this is not a problem today – you can provide your content with additional support by buying Twitter live views. It is inexpensive, fast and convenient, so many entrepreneurs decide to seek help from specialized advertising companies to make their streams more popular and viewed. When your content gets enough views, it will automatically be recommended to other users (this is how algorithms work), and you’ll see an increased audience interest in your brand. 

  1. Post photos and videos

Tweets with visual objects attract much more attention than text ones – this is a fact that you need to know and take into account when forming a feed. Of course, the text is also of great importance here, especially if you provide services or goods. In this case, images and clips should be an addition. For example, if you’re writing about a built house or apartment, add a photo and demonstrate it clearly. So, account visitors will immediately appreciate your professionalism and form the right opinion about the company.

  1. Add niche hashtags

Hashtags in social networks are keywords through which algorithms rank content and recommend it to the target audience. Tags haven’t lost their power and are still effective when used correctly. For users, this is the easiest and most convenient way to find what they need: they just write a keyword in the search bar and study the results. Therefore, if you regularly use niche tags, your popularity will grow in the online community. But remember that an overabundance of keywords isn’t good – it’s enough to choose 2-3 tags and add them to your tweets. Good luck!