How To Hide Wires And Cords In Your Home?

Let’s face it – we now have more tech in our homes than before. We use kitchen appliances, TVs, computers, and laptops for work and to watch Netflix (well, or enjoy gambling at National Casino login!), clean our homes with robotic vacuums, and build our smart home servers. That’s why there are a lot of wires and cords around our homes that get clumped together, are not safe, and bring down the entertainment ambiance. The good news is there are many practical ways to hide ugly wires and cords around your home. 

Hide Wires And Cords In Your Home
Hide Wires And Cords In Your Home – Photo by Hutomo Abrianto

Hide cables from view with a skirting board

Today there are many different floor skirting boards with recesses for wires. Such a skirting board is similar to the usual one but differs from it by the presence of a removable strip, under which there is a groove for the cable. If you are attracted to creative and bright ideas, then instead of a skirting board put a fence around the perimeter of the floor. Such a detail will look very original and bright. You can make it yourself from wooden slats. To begin with, cut them out, connect them with a thin lath with glue (it will not only connect all the parts, but also provide space for the wire between the wall and the fence), and then attach this thin lath to the wall with double-sided tape.

Hide all the wires and cords behind the walls

To make recesses in walls for cables, prepare the following materials and tools: a bolt cutter, a perforator, and a fixing solution, for example, alabaster or cement. When the recesses are ready, start laying the wires. You can immediately fix them with cement mortar or alabaster so that they do not fall out.  The minus of this method of concealing wires is the impossibility of moving the wire to another place, as it will be very problematic.

Hide the wires in the ceiling

It is easiest to hide the wires from the air conditioner in the ceiling. Firstly, you can place them in or under the baseboard. It is advisable to purchase a special ceiling skirting board with a recess for cables. Secondly, if you plan to install a suspended ceiling, you will have the opportunity to place the wires in this structure. Bring the cable to the socket on the corner of the wall, where the wire will be almost invisible.

Use aesthetically pleasing wire & cord boxes, covers, and brackets

Wires from the TV or some other device, running along the perimeter of the wall, can hide in special boxes. They are made of plastic but can have different sizes, colors, textures, and even shapes so that you can not only choose something suitable but also further decorate the interior by choosing boxes of bright and contrasting colors. You can buy the simplest and inconspicuous wire organizer and hide it under the table buy a bright and original one and make it a decorative element of the interior or buy special decorative brackets for wires.

Dealing with wire & cord clutter at home is not as difficult as it may seem. Get inspired with our tips to create a tidier and safer home!