How to Hire a Construction Estimator for Commercial & Residential Projects?

Hiring a professional Construction Estimator for commercial and residential projects means your budget is safe! Do you know a minor estimate mistake can lead your projects to budget overruns?  Yes! That is why you must rely on a competent and qualified construction estimator. But finding the “perfect” estimator can feel as daunting as scaling a mountain. The right match for your project can help you save on your overall budget by cutting costs. They make adjustments by relying on alternative materials without compromising on the quality. 

So, if you are in search of the right Cost Estimator for your project needs. Just keep reading this article and know how you can hire and take benefits from them!

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Step by Step Guide to Choose the Right Construction Estimator!

1. Pinpoint Your Hiring Criteria

How ambitious is your construction project? You must understand all your project requirements as it will help you in making the right decision about how to hire an estimator. You must think before hiring:

  • Do you need a full-time or part-time construction professional estimator?
  • Do you want a group of expert estimators or a single competent estimator?

These things will help you in deciding right in the initial stages! Then you must check and shortlist estimating companies. You can check on Google, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

2. What is the past experience of the estimator?

Firstly, check the experience level of the construction costing estimator or an estimating company. Whether they have worked on similar projects or not? You can have a look at their portfolio and ask every possible query from them before selecting them. Pro tip: do not forget to verify them from any authentic channels!

3. How much are they charging from you?

Never get attracted to a company that offers services at a very low price. Because it can be a scam or their work quality can be lower. Always compare prices and get multiple quotes from different companies. This method will help you choose the best construction estimator according to your needs.

4. Formalize the Hiring Process

Once you have decided which construction expert estimator to choose, formalize the hiring process by drafting a clear and comprehensive contract. 

  • What is the scope of the work?
  • What are the payment terms?
  • What are the deadlines?
  • How much time do they require?

So these things are necessary to be decided before the hiring process. It helps to remove any doubts before the work starts.

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Why need to hire a Construction Estimator?

1. To Estimate Man Hours

Estimators assist contractors and subcontractors in estimating labour costs of commercial and residential projects. But the question is how to estimate man hours? It depends on several factors like:

  • Technical difficulty
  • Required expertise
  • Potential risks and uncertainties
  • Availability of resources and tools

For the labour hour cost calculation, they use different types of formulas:

Man Hours = Quantity of Work / Productivity Rate

Let’s say that you need to install 100 light fixtures and the productivity rate is 10 fixtures per hour, the estimated labour hours would be:

Man Hours = 100 fixtures / 10 fixtures per hour = 10 man hours

They repeat this calculation for each task and estimate the cost accordingly!

2. Helps in Estimating Repair Cost

Whether you need assistance for a small residential or a huge commercial project, estimators can help you in estimating repair costs. They evaluate the whole process by checking:

  • The specific areas or items needing repair.
  • The extent of the damage.
  • Any underlying issues that might need attention.

According to the project they look into the labour cost, the material expense, contingencies cost, and damage cost. That is why these professional estimators are so important to estimate right to prevent budget overruns!

3. Estimates Rebar Quantity

Construction estimators assist their clients in estimating rebar quantity by looking into every project detail. Let’s see how to estimate rebar quantity:

  • Type and grade of rebar specified.
  • Dimensions and layout of the concrete elements.
  • Spacing, size, and placement of rebar.

4. Helps in achieving accurate Quantity Takeoff 

Cost estimators are the best source for achieving accurate quantity takeoff services. To do it right we will show you how to do a takeoff in construction:

  •  Review project plans and specifications
  •  Break down the project into sections
  •  Measure quantities (linear, area, volume, counting)
  •  Use estimating software 
  •  Apply unit costs
  •  Account for wastage and contingencies
  •  Review and validate
  •  Document and present
  •  Update as needed

5. Estimates for Painting Work

Do you require cost estimation services for painting from a certified estimator? While selecting you must look into the details and ask about how and what they will provide you! Mostly every estimator:

  •  Measure the area to be painted
  •  Determine the amount of paint needed
  •  Estimate labor costs
  •  Add materials and other costs
  •  Account for contingencies
  •  Calculate the total estimate

6. Estimate a Home Renovation Project

For evaluating how to estimate a home renovation, the cost estimators perform the following process:

  • Make a list of specific changes or upgrades 
  • Obtain quotes from contractors for labour costs.
  • Break Down the Costs
  • Add a contingency buffer (e.g., 10-20% of the total estimate) 
  • Sum up the costs for materials, labour, permits, and contingencies to get the total estimate.


This blog is all you need as guidance to choose the right construction estimator for residential and commercial projects. These experts are like financial geniuses who guide in every step of the way while doing construction. We recommend a trustworthy company, SMA Estimating LLC for cost estimation for every type of construction job. They help to evaluate the cost for every type of project to prevent overspending. Remember, depending only on a reliable estimating company can help to complete projects successfully!

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