How to Improve Skills in Essay Writing

Do you always get negative feedback from the teacher? It might be a great shame among your brilliant friends with A+. You can also qualify for this grade by taking into consideration your weak points in writing. Here are a few useful tips on how to improve essay writing quickly.

How to Improve Skills in Essay Writing
How to Improve Skills in Essay Writing

Review Basic Grammar

Grammatical correction is a must in essay writing. Mainly, if you are up to an academic assignment, the writer must be familiar with basic grammar rules. Everybody learns these rules and sentence formats from junior classes. That is why many people feel no need to review them. The fact is that whether you have learnt grammar by the best linguistics resource, you always need to revise it. Specifically, when you are getting repeated red highlights on the text of your essays, you have to review basic syntax. There are many ways to revise your grammar such as online audios, videos and text. For example, here are a few terms by that every student must review to polish writing skill:

  • Subject
  • verb
  • object
  • Verb tenses
  • Syntax
  • Punctuation

Reviewing these fundamentals of grammar can make you a brilliant essay writer. Also, you can avoid grave mistakes in an essay that harm your position.

Another way to relearn grammar basics is discussion forums and social media pages. On a little research, you can discover a host of social media pages with fundamental definitions of rules, their examples and even exercises. You can improve essay writing by communicating with other students on these pages, channels and forums.

Use Active Voice

Active voice is a sharp and short expression of thought and ideas. Professional writers are always accustomed to accomplish a ton of pages built with active tenses. It has a more accessible format than a passive sentence, and it saves time. For example, write “ the king insulted the slave” in place of “ the slave was insulted by the king”. You can analyze that the second sentence is wordy and less vibrant. On the other hand, the first expression is strong and short. Thereby, all experts favour active voice instead of passive voice for quality writing. If you want to understand how adequately written essays should look like, you can check already written papers.

Another important thing that you must not forget is the importance of passive sentences in scientific essays. Scientific writers need to emphasize objects. Hence, they need to use passive voice to back their theories and experiments. As a result, if you are doing nothing else than scientific assignments, you can use passive voice to express facts and details.

Stay Concise and Succinct

Repetitive words, adjectives and adverbs pack sentences with needless details. A good writer selects succinct words and phrases to avoid fluff. Complicated words, unnecessary use of synonyms and recurrent repetition kill the impression. Below are given a few examples to clarify the difference between fluffy and concise phrases in your mind.

  • Read out, “the poet of the poem, begins his play of imagery by placing fantastic imagery in the most initial stanza”. This sentence is too wordy, lacking conciseness and clarity. Its brief and simple form is, “the first stanza of the poem manifests fantastic imagery”. Sentences like this can help you a lot in essay improvement.
  • Similarly, the sentence “the animal is active at daytime and sleeps when night falls” lacks energy. Writing it like, “the animal is diurnal”, is a better idea.
  • Instead of, “the girl walked with a trembling body”, write, “The girl shuddered”.
  • Here is another example notifying the mistake of repeated synonyms in a sentence. “The view was truly mesmerizing and fabulous”. Mesmerizing and fabulous have the same meaning to target a single point. Hence, using them in a single sentence creates a poor impression.

Relearn Punctuation

Relearn Punctuation
Relearn Punctuation

Punctuation is one of the primary reflections if you are looking on how to improve writing skills. Every writer might have a unique style to punctuate his writing. However, there are a few rules that every student needs to follow to produce a quality essay. For instance, break up your sentences with a full stop, commas and semicolons. Your reader needs time to breathe and understand separately connected ideas on a page. It does not mean that you establish a sale of full stop and commas and confuse your reader. It will spoil the quality of paper resulting in low grades. Below are some examples of tuning your essays rhythm through punctuation:

  • If you employ a semicolon to mark a break in a sentence, it must follow a complete sentence. The idea in the clause cut by semicolon should be different from the idea in the second clause. Read out, “ the story dates back to 1889; the brutality of the French Revolution has many glimpses in the narrative”. This sentence manifests the appropriate use of the semicolon.
  • You need to learn the proper use of commas, whether you are up to academic essay writing or informal essays. Remember, a comma separates two clauses in a sentence, using it unnecessarily produces a choppy appearance of your work. The perfect example is, “ if you love Shakespeare, you must have read hamlet”.

Create Diverse Sentence Structure

Variety is always engaging and influential on the human psyche. The same goes true with essay writing. The uniform structure of sentences in the whole essay can repel your reader. If you continue changing rhythm and word format, the paper becomes appealing. Some students are unable to produce a diversity of sentences in their work. They can get help from college essay writing service with sample essays. Check out the example below for further insight into the tactic.

  1. Bad example: “ the Egyptian pyramid is ancient. Its structure is vast. It has tombs representing ancient kingdoms. It is one of the seven wonders of the world.”
  2. Good example: “The Egyptian pyramid is ancient. With its large structure and ancient tombs, the world knows it as one of the seven wonders. The historical tombs represent the ancient kingdom in all its splendour.”
  3. If you are highly concerned about how to write a better essay, transition words in your sentence structure boost rhythm. The words like, “however”, “nevertheless” and “already”, are typical examples of transition words. You can search other common examples on Google quite easily and quickly.

Writing skills, whether good or bad, always need improvement. Thus, you constantly need to revise your grammar, writing style, sentence structure, conciseness and punctuation. Also, top-grade holders always use active voice for clearness in expression. Lastly, keeping in mind these few things can mark your up in the class.