How to make a long detailed essay

Writing assignments often take into account the length of the text or the number of words. What should you do if you say everything you want to say, but do not have the necessary number of words?

We will teach you to expand the text by adding important content (rather than “water”), create a plan, make valuable notes and editing the resulting text, so that it was not shameful to give.

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Write down all your thoughts in a free form

You must learn to write down everything that comes into your head, without thinking about the form. This is not the last version of the text, so first you need to throw the main ideas, and then decide how they can be systematized. Take note of your own beliefs, even if the instructor has forbidden you to use the “I” notebook (he will not see these notes!).

Schedule an hour (10-15 min will be enough). During this time, write without stopping. You will be able to write quite a lot of things, so use this time to record the main thoughts.

Try to draw a diagram

In the center of the page, place the main idea, circling it in the paper. This may be something very similar, for example, “The Second World War”, or something more specific (“Operation Barbarossa”). At this stage, it is important to identify the main theme.

On top of the main theme, place the related sub-themes. Try to paint at least 5-6 pictures.

Close to the subject, write all the associations you have. You will remember the links between the topics and link them with lines. Thus, you will create a unique cavity, and you will be able to understand how your main ideas are interrelated and what comes out of this or that idea.

Write down your thoughts clearly

These thoughts must be clear, deep, and complete. To get a long essay, you need to write as much text as possible at the drafting stage, so it is significant to organize the text and the order of paragraphs. What information should be provided to readers in the first place? What order should the paragraphs be placed in to make the text the most convincing?

Often a short text is the result of moving quickly to the main ideas without introductions and explanations that would prepare the reader. Now you can change that.

Formulate the thesis statement

The thesis is the main statement around which your entire text will be based. The thesis must be spirited, complex and specific, it must combine in one phrase all the essence of your work.

If you correctly formulated the thesis, you will have a lot of material for the essay, because the thesis is often difficult to explain. Here is an example of a bad thesis: “Zelda – the best game in the world. Who decided so? Why? What difference does it make? But here’s a good thesis: “Creating a complex and lavish world, games series Zelda particularly affect the player, awakening the spirit of adventure, and allow him to combine “heroic fantasy with the values of Western culture. Just think how much information there is to analyze!

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Use the five-paragraph rule

Many educators believe that a five-paragraph structure is the best way to present your writing. This structure will help you to make your thoughts more ignited, although you should not be afraid to deviate from this form. This structure requires the presence of at least three arguments and looks like this:

  • Introduction, a description of the topic, a short presentation of your ideas, the thesis.
  • A paragraph describing the first argument.
  • A paragraph describing the other argument.
  • Paragraph describing the third argument.
  • A brief conclusion summarizes what has been said.

Give reasons for the thesis

If you have an interesting thesis on a topic that is likely to cause controversy, it will be easy to write a novel. If you don’t have enough space, you can rethink your topic by making it more complex.

Realize that the thesis is the curve of the table. Your writing must be supportive of it, because without this support, the table will turn into a bunch of wooden trunks. The key arguments, explanations, and references to what other people say are the threads that hold your life together, which is why it takes shape.

Describe the context of the topic

This will allow you to extend a good line. Write about the context and your attitude toward the topic.

If you write about the Zelda game, you can go straight to the thesis and to the main paragraphs on the ocarinas of the hour, or you can press pause and tell troh about the context of the game.

  • What games were on the market when Zelda appeared?
  • Which of those still exist?
  • What do we need to know about gaming culture in general?

Insert links and quotes into the text

Other people’s words can help you argue your point of view and provide more information for analysis. Include necessary quotations, analyze the importance of the statement, and it will make your text more meaningful and long.

Take note of the opposing viewpoints and explain why you find them unreasonable

Ask yourself questions that the teacher can ask. Often, works are returned with black marks in the margins, each of which is a question that begins with the words “why” or “how. Naturally, the teacher will be looking for these weak spots, so provide this opportunity.

Learn to put questions to your statements. Why? How? Does the paragraph answer the question? Maybe you should add some explanations for readers who are less knowledgeable than you are? If you don’t think this is necessary, you don’t need to write anymore.

Break down the entire writing process into small tasks

It is much easier to write a great text, if you do it little by little and not at once. It’s hard to write a thousand words at a time, so try to work on it beforehand so that you have enough time to get it right.

Honestly, and every day, try to write at least 200-300 words (which is approximately one page). Plan your time so that by the time you would need to start editing the text, you would already be ready. Write for 45 weeks, then rest for 15 weeks. You can grab a bite to eat, watch TV, and play a video game. If you are Zelda, consider it an elaboration of the theme.