How to Prepare Civil Engineering Project Report | Steps | Contents Required

How to Prepare Civil Engineering Project Report

All the students who are on the way to become Engineers have to prepare a project report at least once before they graduate. Writing a report is considered to a strenuous task for those who don’t know what to include in it. This happens to all the students who are preparing it for the first time. The basic concept and the format of preparation of report is same for BE and Mtech students. Mtech students need to be thorough and prepare detailed reports accordingly as their topic requires. Preparation of the report becomes very easy and exciting once you know what is to be included or described in what section or chapter.

Find latest and state of the art topics for civil engineering Projects, Seminars, Dissertations and Presentations on Numerical Analysis and Computational Mechanics.
Find latest and state of the art topics for civil engineering Project Report, Seminars, Dissertations and Presentations on Numerical Analysis and Computational Mechanics.


The abstract should highlight the important features of the project report which are your methodology, the tools or the softwares used and finally the findings and the conclusions you get at the end of the project. Abstract should be very apt rather than lengthy and detailed. Generally, a good abstract is that which is enclosed in just 3 paragraphs. The first one describes about the introduction of the project and the second one tells about the methodology employed and also about the tools or softwares. And finally third one concludes it by the description of the results like how they are within the limits etc. Most of the researchers read only the abstract to get an idea about your project.

Chapters of Civil Engineering Project Report


This is your first chapter in your project which should justify the topic and the problem posed. It should contain all the important concepts which are used to carry out the project. The aim of your project is described here to get an idea of what you have done and how it has been done. Scope of your study and brief methodology is also covered which is a part of the introduction. It is concluded with organization of thesis which includes the number of chapters who will have a precise title reflecting the contents of the chapter.

Literature review

This is included either in the first chapter or it’s enclosed in the second one. This review should present all the work done by other researchers pertaining to your topic. All the important concepts, theories or graphs relevant to your topic should be covered in this part. The aim, method and the results found are the important points to put in the summary of any journal paper. The relevance of the content to your topic depends on the nature of investigation in the project.


This chapter is all about the methodology you adopt to carry out the project. Hence you need to list out the procedure of how you have done it. Importance should be given to the experimental set ups, procedures adopted, techniques developed. Representative data in table, figures if any, should be included.

Results and Discussions

This chapter deals with the results of the project report. It includes thorough evaluation of investigation carried out by you. Results are mostly represented in graphical form to get the gist in one glance. After the analysis of results obtained from the methodology, it should be listed in this section.


This chapter concludes your project. In this chapter, you need to highlight all the important results of the findings from which, the readers should know about your final recommendations done to make your work more effective and efficient. Here you need to show how effective is your work and what else can be done to improve it.

Scope of the study

This can either be a part of the conclusions or can form a new chapter. Here scope for future work in your project should be stated. You can add what all can be done in the future so as to carry out the research forward.


This is not a chapter but is an important part where you can list all the references used while writing the report. It can be a journal paper, a book, research paper or even a website. Each listed reference written here should be cited in the text of the report.  For a book give the names of authors, title of book, edition, chapter number, and page numbers, publisher, location and year of publication. For a journal or research paper, give the names of authors, title of paper, name of the journal, and volume and issue number of journal, page number and month and year of publication. For an internet page or website, give the author or company’s name and the URL.

The order of the project

  • Title page
  • Certification
  • Declaration
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • List of tables
  • List of figures
  • Chapters of the projects are continued