How to Write an Essay for a University Assignment? A Short Guide for College Students


Universities these days are initiating a competitive approach among students. With record numbers of admission, record numbers of rejections are becoming a change for the students. With the increasing number of students, the competition is getting high, and you will not be able to deal with it until you show some prominence. 

Are you getting promoted to the new semester this year?

Well, new assignments are waiting for you, and there is no escape route available for you. The only solution is to confront the difficulties of the assignments coming for you in advance. 

How to Improve Skills in Essay Writing
How to Improve Skills in Essay Writing

These days most University assignments consider the essay and dissertation writing process. So, to deal with your academic assignments, you will need to take advanced measures to be an expert essay writer. 

We understand that most of the students have poor writing abilities and that you will see when you check the examination papers. Poor writing skills will not help you to prepare a good college essay. In fact, you will not be able to cope with the academic writing process if you do not know the instances. 

Though we know that college assignments are related to information and discussion, if you forget to ensure creativity, a reader will not get interested in reading your paper.

How To Complete An Essay For A University Assignment? 

We will focus on writing an essay paper with ease for the students. They make various silly mistakes, and if they follow these steps, they will be able to complete their paper with ease.

Let’s check out the easy steps to prepare a proper essay paper this time. 

Read And Understand The Criteria

Essay writing is difficult if you don’t understand the criteria. This is why your first step will be to read out the assignment instructions properly. Try to read it again and again if you need to. 

This is how you will be able to get an insight into what your instructor wants from you. After reading the instructions, if you still have confusion, try to make it clear by contacting your professor.  

Instead of making the process simple, students rely on confusing paths. Most of the time, they do not understand or read the whole instructions and end up writing the wrong essay paper with a completely different approach. These types of steps force them to resubmit their assignments, and sometimes they do not get the chance to get grades. 

Well, it should not be your next case. Try to read everything and then decide who you want to write the essay paper.

Go For Enough Reading Materials

Without considering enough reading materials, you will not be able to compete with other students through the essay paper. You will only be able to grab the attention of the professor once you have completed the whole writing process.

You will not be able to provide enough information regarding discussion if you do not go for extensive reading materials. Well, this is how you will be able to complete the whole paper with enough points to discuss and research areas to cover. 

Most of the college essay topics are provided to the students to initiate deep research on them. So, it is not just about writing the paper but also about initiating your own insights with better research. 

It’s time to undertake enough reading materials, including pre-existing journals, articles, and research papers. 

Make The Structure

Without initiating the whole structure of an essay paper, you will not be able to write seamlessly. In fact, the lack of structure might become an obstacle in the middle of your writing. This is not what you want. 

On the other hand, structure indicates the organization of your essay paper. 

  • Introduction.
  • Thesis statement.
  • Discussion.
  • Conclusion.

This is a basic essay structure, but you can form it the way you can. For instance, depending on your topic, you can add subsections in the discussion part, which are known as subheadings. 

In this way, when you form the whole structure, it will be easier for you to write things clearly as you know what is next. 

Prepare The Thesis Statement

College students try to avoid thesis statements in their essay papers. Well, the sole purpose of including the thesis statement in your paper is to let readers understand at first sight what you are going to prove in your discussion. 

But if you skip that part, it will represent a vague processing of the essay. An essay paper with thesis statements not only completes the structure but also enhances attraction. 

When you are in academics and writing an academic essay paper, make sure that you have included the thesis statement. Well, it might take some time to form an essay paper because, without research, you will not be able to find what you want to establish in your paper. 

Initiate Arguments 

Being argumentative in tone can be the best trick to form an essay. Well, being monotonous is not an option for college students, especially when you are considering a unique topic. 

An essay paper is not just about inputting information from pre-existing sources but also relating and distinguishing rights and wrongs. Once you are capable of including more than one tone by developing an argumentative approach, know that you are way ahead to getting good marks.

Write In Your Own Words As Much As Possible

No one has asked you to go for the difficult words to form sentences in your essay. In fact, the more it is readable, the better the quality will be. 

So, it is an opportunity for you to include your own thoughts and insights in your own words. However, this is not an opportunity for every student but a threat as well.


Well, all students do not write well on their own, and thus they need to practice writing and increase their thought process.

Edit And Proofread

After you have completed your writing, it’s time to review your paper on your own. Many students do not review their papers or proofread them before submissions. But that increases the risk of getting exposed to silly mistakes. If you have a short time, consider so that they can proofread your paper and remove all errors.