List of Top Players with Highest Scores Ever in Indian T20 Premier League

Indian T20 Premier League or most popularly referred to as IPL T20 tournaments, came into existence just over a decade ago, 12 years to be precise. And what records and milestones have these tournaments set? Absolutely magnificent. Despite being termed the Indian premier league, many reputed players from other Cricketing nations have graced these games, have broken records and set new ones. 

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This article focuses on listing down the top 10 players ever in T20 IPL that have garnered the highest scores, which are waiting to be broken. 

Let’s walk you through brief T20 IPL journeys of these top 10 highest scores to boost your inspiration even more. 

Chris Gayle 

Chris happens to be the most predictable name on this list. He smashed all records in April 2013 with an astounding 175 not-out off just 66 balls against the Pune Warriors. This massive score, which included 13 fours and 17 huge sixes, still stands as a record in the Indian T20 premier league. In his T20 IPL tenure, Chris has played for the Royal Challengers, Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Punjab Kings and has won millions of hearts with his marvellous performances. Chris is at 4965 points in the T20 IPL as of 2022. 

Another entry for this destructive West Indies batsman in the IPL T20 history was the unbeaten score of 128 from 62 balls, including 7 fours and 13 sixes. 

Brendon McCullum

12 years ago, the Indian T20 Premier League (IPL) was born, and the same year has a special significance in the history of IPL due to one man’s extravagant performance. And the rightful credit goes to Brendon McCullum. Amidst huge anticipation and expectations, Brendon left no stone unturned to amaze the audience with his spectacular performance of 158 runs off just 73 balls against Royal Challengers Bangalore. With 13 sixes and 10 fours during this memorable match, Brendon set an ambitious benchmark for his Cricket counterparts.

AB de Villiers

Most Cricket enthusiasts happen to refer to AB de Villiers as Mr. 360, and this is aptly justified too. Being famous for playing shots all over the ground, in all possible angles and horizons, AB went on to set his name in the record books in the 2015 IPL T20 tournament. He scored 133 not out off only 59 deliveries against a strong Mumbai Indian bowling and fielding that featured 4 sixes and 19 fours. 

His astounding, legacy-worthy performances went beyond the 2015 tournament. He was successful in creating the same magic again in 2016 against the Gujarat Lions. With a spectacular score of 129 not-out off just 52 balls, with the help of 10 fours and 12 sixes, AB amazed his fans beyond description.

Rishabh Pant

Joining the T20 IPL games in 2018, much later than his illustrious, record-setter counterparts, Rishabh surely made a name and place for himself in T20 IPL. Scoring a free-flowing 128 not-out, off 63 deliveries, hitting 15 fours and 7 sixes, Rishabh’s performance was applause-worthy. He amazed Cricket enthusiasts with his series of good performances and even has a 53.33% record of IPL T20 wins as a Captain of the Delhi Capitals team. 

Murali Vijay

Essentially known more for the longer format of the game, Murali Vijay surprised everyone, Cricket enthusiasts or not, by scoring a rapid and massive 127 off just 56 balls against Rajasthan Royals. His knock featured 11 sixes and 8 fours.

David Warner

Deemed one of the most destructive batsmen of this Cricket generation, David Warner set records with a brilliant century against the Kolkata Knight Riders to bring the trophy home. A score of 126 runs from only 59 deliveries that featured 10 fours and 8 sixes made Warner popular and one of the highest scorers in the T20 IPL history.

Virender Sehwag

The list of highest scores in the Indian T20 Premier League would not have been complete without one of the most flamboyant batsmen in the history of cricket. Sehwag has created magic in long-form cricket and went on to weave the magic again in T20 IPL by leaving behind the ageing stigma that’s more often associated with Sportsmen. He successfully turned back the clock with 122 runs against Chennai Super Kings off just 58 balls, with 12 fours and 8 sixes to his name.

Wrapping Up 

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