Networking: 4 Unobvious Questions

With networking you can get a job, hire new employees, find an idea for a startup and just exchange experiences. It would seem that what’s hard about saying hello to a stranger and striking up a conversation? In theory, it sounds as simple as playing at, but in practice, it doesn’t always work perfectly. Here are a few questions to help you make connections more productively.

Where to Make Business Contacts if You Work Remotely?

Remote work has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages, in particular the lack of live communication. These days, even industry conferences are often held online because it’s easier and cheaper to organize than offline.

Presentation Skills for Civil Engineers
Presentation Skills for Civil Engineers

In this case, networking can also be transferred to the Internet. You can find a community of colleagues on social networks, where they often publish posts with the opportunity to get acquainted in the comments. You can publish such a post by yourself: briefly tell about yourself and give your contacts, for example, mail. Another option is to use special networking apps and services.

How to Move Quickly From Small Talk to a Full-fledged Business Meeting?

In networking, there can also be a peculiar period of adjustment. The acquaintance has taken place, but often people don’t have the time or opportunity to set up a business meeting right away, and they don’t know each other well enough.

In this case there are two options. The first is to wait a little and, for example, do not hesitate to write to the person in a week and remind him of your question, or invite him to dinner. The second: find the same interlocutor, who can immediately devote more time to the conversation.

This can be done in special networking apps. They work on the principle of business-tinder: you fill out a questionnaire, look for a companion of interest, arrange a meeting. And now you already have a couple of hours at your disposal for a full-fledged meeting, not 5 minutes during a coffee break.

What Introverts Can Do?

Surely many people are familiar with the irrational fear associated with calling, writing, or talking to a stranger. Remember that it’s normal, even if you’re a serious adult in a tight suit.

You can work with your fears in different ways, such as in psychotherapy or just “starting from afar.” Ask a friend or colleague to introduce you if you are shy to approach the person alone. Another option is to attend business club meetings or business breakfasts, where the format involves introducing everyone to everyone. There are business clubs in almost every major city and at the meetings everyone in attendance is introduced. It may not be as uncomfortable to talk about yourself when 10 other people next to you are doing it.

What if You Exchanged Contacts With a Person, but the Next time You Talked He Didn’t Remember You?

Imagine that the acquaintance has taken place, you had a great conversation, exchanged business cards, but it went no further. You call or write to the person some time later with an invitation to dinner, and he can not remember you! This, of course, is offensive, but a common situation. Busy people are often talking to someone and just aren’t able to keep everything in their heads.

So, to make networking work in the long run, adopt these hacks. Exchange business cards electronically or send some kind of instant messenger message – a paper card is easy to lose, and besides, it does not have your photo on it. Even if you write the next time after a long period of time, he will understand from the correspondence that you already know each other and will remember the details.

Use an informational “anchor”, so that there is a reason to continue the conversation. Mention an interesting book or study and drop off a link to it. Also, sometimes people take group photos at an event or party and share them afterwards.