Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling

Are you tired of looking at your outdated popcorn ceiling? Have you been thinking about creating a nice, modern-looking smooth ceiling that will make the room look brighter and bigger? Besides that, it is also healthier because it does not collect dust if you are allergic.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal - PC mississaugahandyman.com
Popcorn Ceiling Removal – PC mississaugahandyman.com

Also, if you ever have any damage to your ceiling, it will be much easier to repair a flat, smooth ceiling than a textured ceiling. Repairing a textured ceiling or a popcorn ceiling requires more work. Not only do you have to repair the drywall, but afterward you have to spray popcorn texture over the drywall and feather it.  

Popcorn Ceiling - PC mississaugahandyman.com
Popcorn Ceiling Removal – PC mississaugahandyman.com

Smooth ceiling

Here are some excuses to finally do the popcorn ceiling removal. And get a smooth ceiling. Water damage is one of the main reasons for removing a popcorn ceiling. Water can cause the popcorn to peel away from the ceiling and create an ugly mess. If you have had any recent water damage, it is best to just bite the bullet and remove the entire ceiling. Even if there is no water damage, over time, furniture scrapes and other dents can make your ceiling look shabby. By removing the popcorn texture, you are starting with a clean slate that will be much easier to repair later on if necessary. 

Some of the causes and reasons why you would remove your popcorn ceiling:

Water damage from water leaking through either loosening or making a large stain on your ceiling. Furniture scrapes moving something around, such as furniture or something long that touched the ceiling and scraped it. Patching material from previous repairs.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal - PC mississaugahandyman.com
Popcorn Ceiling Removal – PC mississaugahandyman.com

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the main reasons why people repair their popcorn ceilings. Mississauga handyman gets loads of requests for ceiling damage caused by water. Sometimes water damage is only superficial. The paint might start to peel or the texture might start to sag. If this is the case, you can try to repair it yourself by patching the area and painting over it. And you are willing to accept this small repair on your popcorn ceiling, possibly to save money. However, if the damage is more extensive, it is best to hire a professional to remove the entire ceiling and install a smooth ceiling instead of that old popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
Popcorn Ceiling Removal – Popcorn Ceiling Removal – PC mississaugahandyman.com

Popcorn Ceiling Removal:

  • Removing popcorn ceiling

So now that we have established some reasons why you should finally do popcorn ceiling removal, To remove popcorn ceiling texture to create those smooth ceilings and get rid of that stucco ceiling look, let’s move on to how you can do it yourself! The first step is to grab a ladder and lay down some plastic sheeting to catch any falling debris. It is best if you can lay the plastic over any furniture or flooring that might get damaged during the process. The first thing you need to do is cover your floors and furniture with plastic sheeting to protect them from the dust and debris that will be created during the stucco ceilings to remove your textured ceilings removal process. The next step is to start spraying the ceiling with water from a hose or power washer. This will help loosen up the popcorn material. The next step is to remove as much of the popcorn texture as possible using a scraper or a putty knife. It is important to be careful not to damage the drywall while you are scraping off the texture. 

Getting Ready for Those Smooth Ceilings

Once most of the popcorn has been removed, you can start creating. You can start by creating that smooth finish because that smooth surface is very important. This is very important for ceiling prep. It is time to sand down the surface of the ceiling until it is smooth. You can use fine-grit sandpaper for this step. Be sure to wear a dust mask and goggles while sanding, because there will be lots of dust flying around. If there are any areas where the texture was not completely removed, you can go back over those with the scraper or putty knife. 

Skim Coating or Plastering

To get the surface smooth, the next step is to apply a thin layer of joint compound, also called skim coating or plastering. This will help create an even surface for painting. You can use a roller or a brush to apply the joint compound. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to mix and apply the joint compound. Once the skim coating dries, you can start painting the ceiling with latex paint. Latex paints are ideal for ceilings because they have a flat finish and will not show any brush or roller marks. 

Final touches in creating your smooth ceiling from your popcorn ceiling.

Now that the surface is smooth, you can apply a coat of primer to help the paint adhere better to the ceiling. When you have the first coat of primer on, you should identify any imperfections in the smooth ceiling after you have done your popcorn ceiling removal. And at this point, this is where it’s important that you go around with a light shining from an angle to create and cast any shadows of imperfections such as dips, hollows, cracks, and pinholes. 

Repair any ceiling imperfections.

After the primer has dried, you can apply a second coat of paint. And if the surface is completely smooth, you are ready to paint! You can either use a roller or a brush to apply the paint. Be sure to choose a paint that is specifically designed for ceilings, such as a flat mat finish. Once the paint is dry, you will have a beautiful new ceiling that will transform the look of your room! Put your ceiling fixtures back on. When you have finished painting the ceiling, you can put your ceiling light fixtures back in place. If you have any fans or vent covers, you will also need to reinstall them at this point. 

Now you are done with your popcorn ceiling removal.

Now that the popcorn ceiling has been removed and the surface is smooth, you are ready to enjoy your beautiful new ceiling! Once the paint is dry, you can put up new ceiling fixtures or replace your old ones. And there you have it: a smooth and beautiful ceiling to finish off your room! So if you are interested in making a smooth ceiling by doing popcorn ceiling removal, you can look us up at Mississaugahandyman.com-popcorn-ceiling-removal If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends so they can learn how to remove their popcorn ceilings too! Thanks for reading!