Practice Tests: Your Best Option at Acing Salesforce ADM-201 Exam

Salesforce is a globally recognized platform offering customer relationship management (CRM) credentials. Its certification program is divided into five major levels, namely Marketer, Consultant, Architect, Administrator, and Developer credentials. One of their popular Administrator badges is the Salesforce Certified Administrator credential, an entry-level certification whereby only one exam, PrepAway Website Here , is required to earn it. The next section gives an overview of the topics covered in this Salesforce test and some effective ways of preparing for it. Keep scrolling to learn more.

What Is Covered in ADM-201 Exam?

ADM-201 is a comprehensive test that contains 60 multiple-choice questions with the five unscored which are obtained from the following domains:

  • Organizational and global setup;
  • Client setup;
  • Security as well as access control;
  • Marketing and sales apps;
  • Standard and custom concepts;
  • Service and customer support strategies;
  • Sales analytics including reports and dashboards;
  • Desktop and mobile administration;
  • Workforce including process automation;
  • App Exam Labs.

 How to Study for ADM-201 Assessment?

Just like any other assessment, effective exam prep is required before tackling Salesforce certification exams. From the information above, there are many concepts to be covered. The following study resources will enable you to cover all those topics constructively:

  • Video training

One of the best online training sessions for SalesForce Certification is the video course provided by Their course comes in a series of videos conducted by experts and will equip you with all the details pertaining to the exam objectives. In addition, this video training comprises of 86 lectures that amount to a total of 13 hours. However, if you’re a beginner in Salesforce, Trailhead is your best option at becoming familiar with Salesforce concepts. Trailhead is Salesforce’s official free online learning platform where topics are divided into trails you can study at your own pace. The trails are engaging and give you hands-on experience of the ADM-201 concepts. Once you get to know what Salesforce is all about, you can then move to CertBolt video training sessions. 

  • Practice tests

Mock tests are also very important for your exam success. After you have done the official Salesforce training, to consolidate your knowledge you are recommended to opt for some quality practice tests. But why are mocks indispensable in your prep? Well, the answer is obvious. Practice tests simulate the setting of the actual assessment and make it easy for you to understand the format & structure of your exam. After all, you’ll become confident and will be ready to excel in .

  • Study guides

If you are a reader and absorb information better when you do read, then you should make study guides & books your guiding light in your exam prep process. If you check Amazon, you’ll find some books suitable for your Salesforce Certified Administrator badge. To know more, Amazon as well offers some Salesforce guides for novices so if you are one, then you know where to find the best study guides for your prep.


According to, a Salesforce Certified Administrator earns an average annual salary of $75,860. This goes in addition to other vivid benefits such as becoming an invaluable asset to your company or immensely developing your professional skills. Fortunately, the most critical stage of badge earning, exam preparation, has been made simpler by the availability of learning materials such as Visit Online Here , practice tests, study guides, and many other online self-study resources. Therefore, time to start earning the Salesforce Certified Administrator credential is now!