Presentation Skills for Civil Engineers

Presentations are a formal type of verbal communication. Here, ideas are being transferred from one person to the next or a group, by the use of tools like Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Google slides. This conveyance of information with the aid of audio-visual mediums have proved very beneficial in the construction industry as well. Therefore, the importance of possessing presentation skills in the construction industry stands important.

Presentation Skills for Civil Engineers
Presentation Skills for Civil Engineers

Exploring the need for having presentation skills in the industry

Here are a few reasons why –

1. Uplifting Confidence

Be it the construction industry or any other, the prime aspect of having good presentation skills is that it will boost your confidence. Gradually raising your morale, helping you to put trust on your capabilities.

2. Better Communication

More than anything, having a sound grip on presentation skills help you communicate better with others. This can be your subordinates, superiors or clients. One of the main reason why corporate’s emphasis on having this skills for their employees! Also, better project collaborations happen with better communication.

3. Exhibiting and Sharing Knowledge

Presentations can be a medium to show your expertise in the area of concern. In addition to personal upliftment, employees with great presentation skills become an asset to the enterprise as a whole!

4. Omission of miscommunication

Another important fact is that a good presentation has the capability of removing misunderstandings and ambiguity among different topics.

5. Enhancement of basic operation

As it is generally acknowledged, better the communication, better the operation of basic functions in an organisation. This includes – Planning, division of labour, leadership, execution of tasks and controlling.

6. Opening new networks

Socializing and mutual discussions pave way to opening new networks in the organisation. Ideas processed after brainstorming can be better conveyed through a presentation to the peers.

7. Management of time

One of the important aspect is presenting the matter within a fixed amount of time. This helps build and stick on to time management in the work-circle, which is of great validity as far as construction projects are concerned.

This demonstration of ideas intends to perform a mixture of functions –

a) Presentation skills for educating the team –

For example, the presentation can be about the safety protocols to be followed on site, as part of an induction programme. Another example is the training that can be given on recent advancements in the construction industry. This can prove beneficial to the listeners to a greater detail.

Presentation Skills for Civil Engineers

b) Presentation skills for informing the team –

In addition to educating the team, there can be passing on of general information as well. This might include client feedback’s and general agendas of importance in the enterprise. Making an effective presentation with better audio-visual tools help transfer information to the audience promptly. Presentation of clean, crisp and clear information also helps to give voice to a leader in you!

c) Presentation skills for motivating the team –

An execution team of a construction contract in the site consists of many members. Mostly, the construction contracts come with a tight deadline and puts the team in serious pressure. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the whole of the team has a rise in spirits and is sufficiently motivated.

The team lead or task manager generally takes on to ensuring the easing down of tensions, by inspiring the team mates to put their best feet forward. This process comes easy with presentations that can focus on benefits, bonuses and additional allowances that can calm the nerves of those who work.

The importance of having presentation skills is clearly valid. However, researcher’s hold view that the present construction industry faces a huge skill gap globaly.

Few tips to refine your presentation skills

1. Plan the matter prior to presentation

Take time to research on the subject and have an insight before hand on the pulse of the audience. Eleventh hour hurry can only pull down your performance, even if you have talent in presenting.

2. Clear delivery of ideas

While presenting a project idea to a client, spare the use of complicated jargon. Compromises can be however made if you are using the same in your work-circle. But this is very subjective to the situation.

Make a note that the audience upfront looks forward to hearing your novel ideas with easy understanding. Therefore stick on to facts and figures. Even if you have aptitude to show off your complex vocabulary, you can save it for later. Make the session lively and engage the listeners.

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3. Wear confidence and a smile

It is important to be confident, standing straight and firm while you present your content. Remember, only if you appear confident in what you say, shall the audience place their confidence in you! This is a key pointer to give attention to while you pitch to the clients.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are many thumb rules on postures and gestures that you can refer to before giving your presentation. Value the listener’s time and make the most use of your’s as well while you present! Take proper training to sharpen your innate presentation skills before the big day!

So, that was about the importance of having presentation skills in the construction industry. Even today, there’s a huge gap of lacking presentation skills in this sector. Surely, we can work towards bettering it – one step at a time!