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Properties Of Metals Part 3 – Quiz and Interview Questions

This part concentrates on Questions on general interview questions for structural engineers on the topic Properties Of Metals Part 3 Questions. CivilDigital brings you series of frequently asked and discussed multiple choice and interview questions for the benefit of every civil engineering student or job seeker for Interview & Exam Preparation.

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1. Metals used for suspension system and spring action should have high
2. Mild Steel is more tougher than High Tensile steel

Which of the following does not effect Creep

4. To prevent fatigue failure, the stress developed should be kept above endurance limit
5. In brittle metals, the failure surface is at ___________ angle to the direction of load.
6. Direct Stress are caused due to Axial loads
7. Shear stress acts

Wood is an example of orthotropic material

9. Which of the following causes angular deformation

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Properties Of Metals Part 3

Properties Of Metals Part 3