Strength of Materials – Quiz and Interview Questions

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If a concentrated load passes through a cross section and there is no twisting in the cross-section, that point is known as


Center of Flexure is also known as Shear Center


If there are more than one axis of symmetry in a section, shear center lies


A short column usually used at base is called


Generally, short columns fail under


During stable equilibrium


Euler's theory is valid only for short columns with slenderness ratio less than critical slenderness ratio


Resultant tension in any cross-section of a column when load passes through the kern/core is


Shape of kern/middle third strip for  a rectangular column is


Rankine's crippling load is valid

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Strength of materials, also called mechanics of materials, is a subject which deals with the behavior of solid objects subject to stresses and strains. The complete theory began with the consideration of the behavior of one and two dimensional members of structures, whose states of stress can be approximated as two dimensional, and was then generalized to three dimensions to develop a more complete theory of the elastic and plastic behavior of materials.