How to select the Formwork System

How to select the Formwork System

Why worry about the Choice of Forming System?

Refer ppt below.Prefab Alum. Panel

What Choices Do I Have?

Wall Forming

  • Walls
  • Loose Framing
  • Prefabricated Panels
  • Crane Set Gangs

Wall Systems (Prefabricated Panels)

  • Prefab Steel Panel
  • Prefab Alum. Panel
  • are durable for many reuses
  • simplify and reduce the labor required
  • studs and sheathing are preassembled in units small enough to be handled
  • panels are set into position and tied together
  • wales, ties, and braces are then attached
  • made of wood, metal, plywood with metal bracing, or glass fiber and plastic over wood


          Ganged Panel Forms

  • ranging up to 30×50 ft
  • large panels can be assembled flat on the ground where it is easier to work
  • stripping is easier (stripped as a unit)
  • extra bracing is required to withstand the handling stresses
  • are frequently used as “climbing” forms in high wall construction
  • small panels can be ganged together to form larger units

Slipform Construction

  • vertical slipforms are moved upward by jacks
  • can be used for structures such as silos, and for high rise elevator and stairway cores
  • working decks and finisher’s scaffolds are attached to and carried up with the forms
  • has shorter construction time
  • appropriate for structures taller than 40 ft
  • not efficient where there are many projections to the direction of slide

Factors in the Choice of formwork system

  • What you own
  • Availability
  • Initial price Know the House Estimation cost
  • Total cost
  • Number of uses
  • Desired finish
  • Site conditions
  • Experience of workers
  • What will produce the desired results with the least amount of cost?
  • Crane
  • Schedule
  • Building design

The Supplier:

  • History with similar projects
  • Engineering expertise
  • Support services
  • Knowledge of support personnel
  • Location

Buy vs. Rent

  • Duration of project
  • Future usage
  • Cash flow
  • Return on investment