Static Seismic Analysis Method on STAAD Pro v8i as per IS1983 – 2002 (Earthquake Analysis)

Static Analysis Method & Calculation of Design Seismic Force in STAAD Pro v8i as per IS1983 – 2002

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Four-story RC office building

The building is located in Assam (seismic zone V).

The soil conditions are medium stiff

Entire building is supported on a raft foundation.

R. C. frames are infilled with brick-masonry.

Lumped weight due to dead loads is 12kN/m2 on floors and 10 kN/m2 on the roof.

Live load of 4 kN/m2 on floors and 1.5 kN/m2 on the roof.


Design Parameters:

For seismic zone V

Zone factor Z = 0.36 (Table 2 of IS: 1893)

For office building, the importance factor, I, = 1.0 (Table 6 of IS: 1893).

Building provided with moment resisting frames detailed as per IS:13920-1993.

Response reduction factor, R, = 5. (Table 7 of IS: 1893 Part 1)


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