Steel Design as per IS 800 Part B – Quiz and Interview Questions

Structural design is a process by which a structure required to perform a given function is proportioned to satisfy certain performance criteria (size, shape, etc.) in a safe and economic way. To a large extent design is a pencil and paper exercise (electronic computation must also be included in the list of design tools), by which a mathematical model of the real structure is tested for adequate performance. This quiz series on Steel Design as per IS 800 will help you understand practical standards in steel design.

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Which of the following will have maximum permissible stress in axial tension

which of the following is incorrect regarding welded joints

Minimum pitch required for a rivetted connection (d= gross dia of rivet)

As per IS 800 gross dia of rivet hole for 18mm rivet will be

Rivet value is given by

In which of the following will the rivets be subjected to double shear

Most commonly used bolts in steel works

In a bolted connection gauge is defined as

Bolts are most suitable for

As per IS 800 gross dia of rivet hole for 28mm rivet will be

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It is only for very large or novel structures that testing on physical models or full-size prototypes is carried out. Thus, the designer is very much more circumscribed than for example his counterpart in aeronautical or marine engineering, where prototype testing is commonplace.


There are in practice two aspects of a structure which are not easily quantified: the strength of the materials from which it is constructed and the magnitude of the loads which it must resist. Take Quiz on steel Above.

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