The Bowen Ratio Method and PAN Evaporation Explained

Bowen Ratio Method

Energy Balance and The Bowen Ratio Method Explained During the Evapotranspiration process, energy is used to convert water from liquid to vapor and transfer the vapor to the atmosphere. The Bowen-ratio method, which were used to estimate ET, are based on characteristics of the energy budget associated with atmospheric fluxes. Instrumentation two solid-state temperature and … Read more

Portal Method of Analysis for Lateral Loads

Portal Frame Method Forces

Portal Method Of Analysis  For Lateral Loads Introduction portal frame Horizontal loads Shear force calculation BM Calculation Results Compare with Actual Results PORTAL METHOD OF ANALYSIS This method Presented by Albert Smith in the journals of “ Western society of  engineers” in 1915. Approximate method,Horizontal force PORTAL FRAME Portal frame can be defined as two-dimensional … Read more