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The Confederation Bridge , Canada – Longest Bridge in the World (10/10)

The Confederation Bridge, Canada – Longest Bridges in the World “The longest bridge in the world over ice-forming waters.” Summary – length : 12.9 km – multi-span beam bridge with Post-Tensioned concrete box girder – bridge rests on 62 piers – 44 main piers are 250 m apart – design speed 80 kmph – cost… Read More »

Segmental Construction Of Bridge Seminar

Segmental Construction Of Bridge – Seminar (with ppt) Submitted by : Gaurav Jhalani Introduction of Bridge A bridge is a structure built to across a obstacles such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle. Designs of bridges depending on the function of the bridge, length… Read More »

Selection of Site for Bridge

Selection of Site for Bridge Location Features Location should : Facilitate practical cost effective design, construction, operation, inspection and maintenance. Provide for the desired level of traffic service and safety Minimize adverse highway impacts Fit the conditions created by the obstacle being crossed WATERWAY AND FLOODPLAIN CROSSINGS Hydrologic and Hydraulic characteristics of the waterway and… Read More »

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge “The world’s longest suspension bridge. “

“The world’s longest suspension bridge. “ Vital Statistics: Location: Kobe and Awaji-shima, Japan Completion Date: 1998 Cost: $4.3 billion Length: 12,828 feet Type: Suspension Purpose: Roadway Materials: Steel Longest Single Span: 6,527 feet Engineer(s): Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Authority In 1998, Japanese engineers stretched the limits of bridge engineering with the completion of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.… Read More »

A Bridge Built to Sway When the Earth Shakes

SAN FRANCISCO — Venture deep inside the new skyway of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and it becomes clear that the bridge’s engineers have planned for the long term. Courtesy NYTimes At intervals inside the elevated roadway’s box girders — which have the closed-in feel of a submarine, if a submarine were made of concrete… Read More »

Welcome to CivilDigital.com

“Constructing lives, building sustainable environment” In Creation we stand next to god. Making this world an eco friendly place to live is a tacit agreement between the prophet and civil engineers. A nearly impossible dream like this can be turned into a reality by close interactions of civil engineers’ community from all over the world.… Read More »