Aggregate Industries

Aggregates Industries

May 12, 2013 Anand Paul 0

Aggregates Industries Aggregates Industries is a major supplier of high quality crushed granite to markets across northern Europe. With our own fleet of self discharging […]

Concrete Mix Design

Cement & Concrete Mix Design

May 11, 2013 Johnny 3

Concrete Mix Design Concrete is a construction material composed of : Cement (commonly Portland cement) as well as other cementitious materials such as fly ash […]

Concrete in Brief

Concrete in Brief

May 11, 2013 Johnny 2

Concrete in Brief Properties of concrete Easily mixed, handled, transported, placed in position and compacted Segregation Separation of constituent materials of concrete Creates larger voids […]

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Self-Healing Concrete

May 10, 2013 Anand Paul 0

ScienceDaily (Apr. 26, 2012) — ‘Self-healing’ concrete is being developed by researchers at Northumbria University which could see cracks in concrete buildings become a thing […]