All you need to know about Foundation Damage in Buildings | Foundation Repair Methods

Foundation Damage

What is Foundation Damage? Foundation damage refers to structural problems or deterioration that occurs in the base of a building that supports the entire structure. This damage can occur in various ways like cracks in walls or floors, uneven settling, sagging floors, sticking doors or windows, and other signs of structural instability. Foundation damage can … Read more

Reasons for Hiring a Professional Tree Trimmer Services before Construction

Tree Trimmer Services before Construction

Tree trimming is essential for maintaining the safety of your property’s greenery. This process involves cutting away overgrown, dead, or diseased branches to promote new growth and preserve the tree’s structure. While DIY tree trimming might be the best option, it can be a daunting and risky task that requires specific skills and expertise. Hiring … Read more

Use of Artificial Intelligence & Sensors in Construction industry | Application | Benefits

On site design optimization (Source Wiprovideos)

Sensors in Construction industry As we are aware that construction is one of the most under-digitized industries in the world and is comparatively slow in adopting new technologies, it can be a little daunting. Use of Sensors in Construction industry and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping make job at construction sites more effective and efficient. … Read more

Construction Disputes and their Settlement

List of Project, Thesis and Presentation topics on General Civil Engineering

Construction Disputes and their Settlement Development of Disputes,Types of Construction Disputes,Claims of Contractor against Owner/Client,Claim Generating Circumstances,Claims of Owner/Client against Contractor,Owner’s Claim Procedure,Modes of Settlement of Disputes,Direct Negotiations,Settlement Through Arbitration,Advantages of Arbitration over Litigation references oJoy, PK, Handbook of Construction Management, MacMillan India oPatil, BS, Civil Engineering Contracts and Estimates, Universities Press oGahlot, PS and … Read more

Making the Future-MIT Professor prints her own Buildings

A innovative approach to design and construction that save materials and energy and create unusually beautiful structures.

(From Technology Review, as published on January 11,2012 by Kevin Bullis)

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